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Front Subframe Measurements


ClioSport Club Member
  Renault Clio 172
Hi all, was looking to see if anyone could help me with a few measurements for a Clio 172 Subframe as I believe mine might be twisted/damaged. Reason being the L/H wheel is set back more than the R/H wheel by a good 10mm. I was looking to get the measurement from the outward most bolt of each wishbone to the front mounting points and rear mounting points along with the subframe measurements diagonally. Ideally, if the measurements were taken from the center of the hole and bolts that would be great. The wishbones are non-cup with no caster and the subframe is a standard 172 unit. Appreciate any help or feedback as well thanks :)

1. R/H wishbone to Front Mounting Point
2. L/H wishbone to Front Mounting Point
3. R/H wishbone to Rear Mounting Point
4. L/H wishbone to Rear Mounting Point
5. L/H rear subframe point to R/H front subframe point
6. R/H rear subframe point to L/H front subframe point
measurement 3.jpg
measurement 2.jpg
measurement 1.jpg