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Full respray for my ’rusty’ Mk1 172 !!

  Subaru Forrester

Finally after 7 months of badgering both dealer and Renault UK my Silver Mk1 has been booked in for a full respray!

The Dealer said it will need to be with them for 3 weeks while they strip it down to metal and build it back up again. Current thinking is that the problem was caused by condensation under the top lacquer coat...

Good news eh?!??
  Renault Laguna Coupe

3 weeks?!! Hope you enjoy driving your Clio Expression m8! Should be worth it though - a good bodyshop respray will be better than a factory finish if its done right.
  Astra 1.9cdti XP

Dont want to put a downer on things! but your leaving it with Renault for them to take it apart and put back together!!

When you get it back check the petrol tank for sandwiches and cups of coffee!! Oh and check to see if it all works!

Did you badger them since the car was new or after a certain amount of time? I too have a silver 172 and worried the same will happen.
  Subaru Forrester

Ive been badgering them since January, but bought it last November. As is par for the course with Renault customer Service I got passed from pillar to post.

Its gonna be the same colour too, but they are colour coding the side strips etc for me while its in, gratis. I should think so too though after the hassle Ive had to get this far.

I am a bit concerned with leaving it for three weeks but if they do anything silly then rest assured that I wil kick off about it.

Im interested as to what Clio Ill have for the 3 weeks though...
  172 sport,

stuff what car your gonna get id be worried about the rest of the car going rotten think about it if the part you wash and polish goes rotten so soon what about the parts you dont there is obviously some thing wrong with the rust proofing as rust comes from the inside out it has to be that water in the top coat just makes the paint bubble in hot weather it dont make it rust id get a second opinion quick before they start on it