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Fully legal on my insurance (Mods declared)

Hi all, just thought i would share my experience of declaring mods to my car. For a few months i have been running the gauntlet (sp) by not telling the insurance company but after reading many a thread on here i thought "fook it i tell my insurance".

Well any away to cut not a very long story even shorter i told them about my suspension kit, my alloys and the whole exhaust and it only cost my £69! didnt think that was too bad! Needless to say i don't have to worry if i crash into a bugatti veyron now! (much!)
RAC direct or something, really nice bunch of guys there gave me an awesome quote to start with and the bloke i spoke to was well nice was telling me about his scooby lol have to say i would highly recommend them!
  LY V6 with Recaros
Might get a quote from them when my insurance is due then, doesn't sound bad at all!