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OH this is great !! I love snow driving, I love to see the muppets that are scared to drive in it or just simply have NO idea of how to drive in the snow. How many people have you seen wheel spinning because they stupidly hit the loud pedal thinking it will pull them if they press it hard...DUH !.

LOL, over took a VTS last night in the 2 lane zone, Numbnut thought giving it large would make him go, instead he got stuck. No mean feat to overtake a VTS in a Willy you maybe thinking, thing is, I was in my wifes £60 Micra we bought to teach her to drive in :).

Anyway, no time left...back in the I dont care what I hit Micra to do some fun 180s and 360s before the snow melts.

  silver valver/hybrid

i used to have an old micra, used to get it nicely sideways across morrisons carpark in the snow. used to give the night staff some entertainment anyway!

bill - ashamed to say that i am a bit of an old granny in the snow, esp after my little unplanned meeting with the kerb after getting caught ion black ice last time it snowed. got any tips then (apart from dont crash)
  clio 20v

snow is fun as long as your not in your car lol an old sh*tter or company vehicle are the best

not seen a single flake in warrington though :(

  FOR SALE - Mk1 V6

got a warning from work today.

I handbraked the car perfectly (near enough) into my usual parking spot. looked so good with the tyre trakes carved in the snow.

boss did laugh as much. pity it all melted now



i nearly got nicked

Me and my mate were "car park rallying" in the local (Closed) golf club carpark (some one had kindly left about 50 cones- so we made a track)

55 min later (15 cones destroyed hahahahahaha:D)

police turned up we got told off :(
  CTR EK9 turbo

I only like driving in the snow when its in an empty car park. I spent half a tank of petrol hand braking/drifting around the oval round the back of Halfords until a police car came around the back whilst i was doing a perfect powerslide around the corner! oh no, what do you do? i drove over to a hidden corner and hid, but it was so obvious where id gone, there was me with my lights switched off and hed seen EVERYTHING. Just got a little warning - how fast were you going? " about 15 mph" what are you doing etc? didnt really tell me off, just said be careful.

Found a great car park today and achieved a (if i may say so myself) purrrrfect rally-style powerslide. Real great fun - loadsa opposite lock adrenaline special!
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Beats watching Eastenders for sure!

Glourios power slides and donuts, handbrake corners, its all good fun. I did go up the curb slowly when sliding backwards after a 180 degree turn. No harm done though. :D

Be carefull though cause a brand new 206 came on B&Q car park heading for the steal barrier , put his brakes on, actually speeded up and crumpuled his front wing. Tit! It is like driving on ice though, just keep in first gears my tip.

My 16v and K3NNY s R5, looked top! :cool:

Anyone manage to test the new 172 traction control? Snow rally, excellent fun, only problem is one side of my car is covered in snow and have snow and ice caked on in the wheel arch and underside...


Nothing wrong with being a granny in the snow, I am if I take the Willy2 out :).

Only tip, buy an old sh*tter, get your wife to insure it as a 2nd car (major discount). Drive carefully using the handbrake to take corners instead of steering.

We bought my Wifes £60 micra just for 2 reasons, one it dun matter if we stack it and I am not careful about where we park it when on a night out. Two, to teach her to drive in, not worrying about if she hits anything.

  Focus ST3 + proper Mini

Ben J

You can have some of the snow round my way. Bout 7" in 2 days!!

Shame its melting now :(

Got kart racing tonight should be fun in the snow :devilish:


used to have an old sh*tter of a mcira too, but blew the engine on the m-way! im seriously thinking of gettin a second runaround, im doing so many miles in my car (about 6000 in the 3mths ive had it so far:eek:) and theres so much crime around my way, may get another stinker of a car!