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FUSE 30 amp under bonnet - Cuts engine out?? PICS 172 2002

  Clio 182
Hi guys, hope you can help me.

Engine keeps on cutting out when running, varied times, no exact reason, electrical lights / management & stop light on dash. Engine just turns over, all other items work fine but wont fire up. Can run fine for 2 months then do 2 fuses in days then run fine again. I've had to be towed home / recovered a few times. Now i carry a bag of fuses with me.

Had a ECU diagnostic check by 2 garages: gave electrical fault but no more. Got me to the fuse problem anyway but now stuck!!

Pics to the fuse box underneath, sorry i cant edit the pic well but its the GREEN 30 AMP top left in the box. PICS/FUSECLIO2.jpg PICS/FUSECLIO1.jpg PICS/1349180592786.jpg

THANKS allot:)
  Clio 182
thanks allot! Will help extremely.

I've got to find what that 30 amp fuse is used for and why it constantly keeps blowing and cutting the engine out!