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Gearbox oil choice

  BMW M135i
Castrol or the Fuchs are both good in my experience. Quite like Silkolene Pro S in the meggy but only because others seem to get a little thin with the heat, can get away with others in a 1*2 used to run halfords 5w40 (comma) in mine no problems.
  Lionel Richie
the gearbox is weak and will fail eventually regardless of what fancy oil you put in there, especially if its a dedicated track car and you use the gears to slow you down

if you heal and toe it will last well, if you don't, then expect to be replacing the box more often!

even the renault recommended elf stuff isn't too expensive, about £30 for 5L IIRC

£10 for 5L of ATF will do for me

engine wise i use 10W40 semi (again, £10 for 5L!!!) but it gets through it quickly on the 172, you want a good 5W40 fully syn really, the V6 uses the elf stuff, but i'm soon switching to a 5/10W50
  RB 182 & Lotus Evora
ive used ATF dexron II on my old gtr and it smoothed the gearbox out really well. Not sure if id trust it in my clio though, specially if the gearbox is prone to breaking :S

Ive used the castrol GPX 75/80 and ELf 75/90 and out of those two castrol gpx 75/80 was by far the best of the two. Alot smoother when cold/warm. The 75/90 i find takes a while to warm up and is notchy in 3rd and 5th
I Used ATF for a while, was crap compared to the recommended grade 75-80. Ie the 3rd gear syncro problem was much more pronounced
  Lots of Alfas
Ive used the castrol stuff on there for gearboxs, cannot fault it. Cured my 1st gear problems when cold. Youll need 3 litres.
  172 cup
used to use a lot of atf+4 in my other renaults. Improves gear change and feel but beware that its thinner and therefore will leak if all your seals arn't up to scratch
  Skoda Fabia vRS
i found fresh OE spec Elf stuff was the best in my valver, ive tried a few diff ones and the proper Renault stuff felt the best
  clio 172 cup
for my track car i use silkolene sny 5 for the gearbox. and ive move on to miller engine oil 15w60. i used to use silkolene pro r/s but the millers is just as good. hope this helps.
  Cup Turbo, Flamer
Cheers for all that chaps, got it all ordered and cam epretty damn quick from Opie.

Purchased the Pro S 5w40 and the castrol 75w80.

What would the effects be though if say, you used 75w85 instead, notchy-ness etc?
  Megane Trophy, Golf
I got some Motul racing gearbox oil in mine, very good stuff and smoother!

Motul Gear 300​

1 Liter bottles
Motul Gear 300

100% Synthetic Ester
Motul’s highest quality 100% Ester synthetic 75w90 gearbox oil. Strictly for separate gearboxes without wet clutches. Motul Gear 300 lubricant is virtually unshearable. Its stability at high temperatures makes it ideal under extreme conditions.​