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gearbox or bearings


Ive got this droning noise at about 60-70mph i notice especially when the wheel is being turned to the left. I do have a warranty on the car and it has all ready been in for wheel bearings although i have changed from that garage because i havent been happy with previous work that has been done. I dont no what wheel bearings they changed it may have only been 1 which was done, also changing gears is ok although reverse can sometimes grind a little but is ok if i release the clutch and do it again...


Front wheel bearing mate. Jack the car up on one side, start driving the car (it wont move because of the diff) and see if it rumbles. Of not, do the other side and see what happens. Each side should be silent, if it makes a whining or rumbleing or any vibration through the car then bearing is gone.

Then hold each wheel one hand at the top, one at the bottom. Wobble it and if theres any play then bearing is gone. but beware, it could be balljoint play.

Deffo the bearings i had exactly the same thing on my old mk1 clio, get it sorted before hub gets buggered as well or its gonna cost an arm and a leg unfortunately its a regular problem with mk1 clios, i had to have new bearings on both front wheels before the car had even done 55k.

Yeah probably the bearings, when you do them I highly recommend you change the ball joints since you will probably be taking the hub off too, you are as well to, as you cant them off without f&*cking them anyway. Also make sure bearings are pressed fit (whether you do it yourself or in a garage) as they easily damaged when hammered in.

Alex M

Cheers chaps took it to the garage ive still got warranty so they will do it for free..... what side would you say it is, when the noise is only when i turn the wheel left is it o/s/f?

Im gonna jack her up tomorrow and feel for play, so there should be absolutly no play from the wheels if they need replacing would it sort of rattle from left to right a little bit? Ive checked the rear wheels before and they were tight on there so i spose the front should be identical????