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general lens

neither mate they wont offer anything more than your kit lenses apart from saving you a few lens swaps. For that money or a little more you could get the excellent Tamron 17-50 2.8


ClioSport Club Member
  172 FF and Fabia VRS
i want to avoid the lens swap and replace the 18-55 as it not enought at times.
when your in a busy area like pits some something i can just use the one


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You'll be surprised how short 135mm actually is.. especially if you're used to 300mm !

Perhaps a Canon 55-250 will almost do all of what you want, however it's not 'that' wide. Then again you could probably get a 350/400d body for £2-300 and just use 2 cameras with your current lenses ?


ClioSport Club Member
  172 FF and Fabia VRS
i still going to keep by 70-300, but i wanted to replace the 18-55 for something thats a lil better walk around lens -

ie when i am in pits or on holiday etc to save the swapping to keep getting my big lens out.

i am leaning towards the sigma lens as the sigma 70-300 lens is a nice one but unsure about the canon as people say thats good too?
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Perhaps if we had a better understanding as to what you're likely to be shooting/currently shoot, then I'm sure some better ideas will come out about what Lens would be best.

You keep mentioning the pits, so I guess you do some motorsport stuff?


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  172 FF and Fabia VRS
yeah i do like motorsport shooting use the bigger lens for track side. and the smaller lens in the pits etc

but i use it for holidays etc, going places/site and taking pictures.

just after a general use lens to replace the 18-55 to save the lens swapping all the time....

hope that helps and thanks :)
Personally i see little point in swapping one cheap kit lens for another. Maybe a superzoom such as the tamron 18-270 would be good. If you dont like swapping lenses and image quality isnt that important to you, then a superzoom compact camera could be a viable option.


ClioSport Club Member
  172 FF and Fabia VRS
i got a zoom which is suitable for what i use it for.

just want to look a different lens to replace the smaller lens so it can be a bit more useful
I have lenses that cover 10-300 mm. If I were to be looking for a new lens which overlapped that range it would need to offer something else such as better quality, larger aperture or even reduced size but I wouldn't buy a new lens purely to save me a lens change.

My advice is sell both your lenses and buy the excellent (given wide focal length) Tamron 18-270.
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Not sure how the Tamron 18-270 compares pricewise with the Canon 55-250, but I've had great use out of a borrowed 55-250 recently and they aren't that expensive. Bit restricted at the bottom end of the range, but it depends how close you go to things really!