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Get my new clio soon ;-)


  Audi TT Stronic

Well folks,

Thanks to Big Bash I may soon have a iceberg silver MK2 172, I am really looking forward to getting it and have already put the deposit down.

What stuff should I get with it eg. Owners Handbook etc.

December 4th is the due date. Im flying down to pick it up :D works out cheaper that way.

ooh cant wait, shortly after I get it I will deffo be sending off for my club membership..


Thats sounds wicked mate! When I ordered my Clio it took exactly 19 days for it to arrive. It was mint. Mines only a 1.2 16v Expression Plus but I still love it anyway, the 17"s will be going on there in January mate.

I have the perfect wheels to go on yours, get rid of those 16"s dont want none of that rubbish you want some 18"s.....League 065/2 they are MINT.

trust me


  Audi TT Stronic

hehe, I havent even got the car yet and people are trying to sell me upgrades ;)

Unfortunatly upgrading isnt an option yet, as insurance is quite bad, £780 Fully Comp.

Dont really want to bump it up more just now.