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getting coke out of seats!!

drink driving really isnt good.. i was opening a bottle of coke which had been in my footwell.. it fizzed up and went all over. i felt like id pissed myself

my main concern is the alcantara on the seat.

so i grabbed my coat and began wiping it out, when i got home i got a damp cloth and been out and wiped it all so will see how it is in the morning.

if its a bit hard/rough cos of the coke, anyone got anhy recommended cleaners?

what about meguiars carpet and interior cleaner?


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Pee on it ! Pee has special chemical powers and it cleans it off easily.....

[*by doing this u will look like a fool infront of anyone looking*]


  RS 182 - Black Gold

On a serious note.... see how it is in the morning.

If its not too bad then a light brush over with a steamer or a bit of cleanign spray shud do it.

If its bad get a specialist company to come get the stainout.


  RS 182 - Black Gold

Be carefull with them !

They are the same thing, but no way as controlable...... so dont wreck the seats !!

A proper steamer wud be much better.

it seems ok anyway. that alcantara sites good for the cleaning stains out guide.

but the link is dead, ya have to go to the main alcantara website and view the new washing alcantara section..