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Getting Wet!!!


Ive got a 19, but am hoping the Clio 16V boys on here might be able to help..

My sunroof is leaking! has anyone fitted a new seal? Haynes doest say much on the matter..

Also, the drainage pipes from the sunroof appear to be draining into my boot... Any experience of this as well anybody??



Do you have a 3, 4 or 5 door 19?
You may find that your drainage ways are clogged if your getting water in your boot and as for the sunroof.... it shouldnt be too much of a problem to replace the seal, just try to take it off first. it should just be sitting on there but you may want to put a little bit of grease around before putting the seal back on (silicone based and not petrolium based).


Sorry dunno on the 4 door as ive only ever had the hatch back versions
The only problem i had on my 16v was when water came in on the off side rear and started rusting between the 2 panels, sorted under warranty thou (8yr body warranty came in handy )
But i would expect that the water should run down the rear screen into the resovoir at the bottom of the screen, then drain away that way?


silicon it. worked for me. run a line of silicon round the seal. then make the glass on ya sunroof wet and close it down to clamp on the silicon. sealed lovely. and as silicon dont stick to water the sunroof will still open when its dryed.