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  1. R

    Sunroof or Windscreen leak?

    So I went out to the car the other day after it had rained heavily, started driving and strangely my left arm became rather wet. It looks to me like the water is coming from behind the map light and that odd little grill next to it. I assume this is due to either a leaking sunroof or the top of...
  2. B

    NEWBIE - Water Issues - Footwells - Clio DCi

    Hi all, Firstly... I'm a newbie! I drive a 2002 Clio DCi 65 for commuting to and from work. I have a small amount of water (damp to touch) on the passenger side footwell carpet and under the passenger seat. The water starts where you would put your feet and only goes back as far as the tray...
  3. lordyjordy

    Wet Day!

    I've been noticing recently, that water has been collecting underneath my drivers seat. Upon further inspection, the drain pipe under the scuttle panel had been bent upwards. Meaning that since i bought the car in March (and god knows how long beforehand), overtime it rained, it was collecting...
  4. R

    Track day slicks and wets

    Hi all was wondering the best place to buy some 15" slicks to use on trackdays part worns ideally to keep cost down and also 16" wets any advice appreciated thanks Rob
  5. Arfon-Rhys

    182 Trophy !!Wetsbury

    Nice 182 trophy , looking gorgeous coming through Wetsbury 1:15pm
  6. Gus

    Is there any decent wet dry vacuums about ?

    I was thinking of buying a new wet dry vac for the car but dont know which one to go for. I remember a year or so ago the EU put some new rule in about making them all ECO so now a days they are all really weak. Is there one that is fairly decent for car use. I was hoping to give my seats in...
  7. S

    Misfire and cut out when damp/wet

    Hi all, I recently took my car out just after it had rained heavily and the roads were still wet. After about 1/2 a mile the car started to hesitate and then cut out. It restarted immediately. I decided to head back home at the next roundabout. It cut out a further 3 times on the way home. A...
  8. J


    So I washed the car and noticed the amount of stonechips on the front was bothering me immensely. Bit of paint to touch it up and I'm in deeper than I wanted to be. Meh all good fun. Wetsand by JaffmanRS, on Flickr Wetsand by JaffmanRS, on Flickr Wetsand by JaffmanRS, on Flickr Wetsand by...
  9. A

    Wet boot 182

    The rear right of my boot is leaking quite a lot of water in heavy rain after doing a search on here I tried resealing the light unit but it's still doing it is there anywhere we where it can come in?
  10. I

    Black 182 The Elms Wetherspoons, Leigh-On-Sea.

    Of course i parked next to you.
  11. 78alex

    A few around Wetherby

    I keep seeing a slammed non-sport in a morning just outside Harrogate. Also a blue 197 on the Sandbeck Ind Estate in Wetherby plus a red 197. Anyone on here?
  12. Jay_A

    iPhone 5S Repair Costs (got wet)

    My phone managed to fall out of my pocket whilst cleaning the car, in to the bucket of water and has now developed intermittent signal issues. Having never had to repair a phone before, does anyone have a rough idea how much it might be and where's the best place to send it? Just what I need...
  13. D

    Drivers Carpet Wet.

    I have a mkII clio and have Had a problem recently that the drivers side footwell is absolutely soaked. I don't really have clue what to do or how to fix it. Any suggestions ? Thanks Matt
  14. Tim.

    Top 3 tyres for best grip in cold/wet conditions

    I've currently got Turinis with Hankook Ventus V12 Evos in 205/45/16 but having recently switched from 2118s and Yokohama AD08Rs (195/50/15) I'm finding the Hankooks a little lacking. I want to swap to something that will tide me over until things warm up next year when the Yokos will go back...
  15. 172_Tom

    Very wet Brands Hatch in my 172 with Jake Hill on board

    Did a track day at Brands on Monday 3rd Nov. and had some tuition from Jake Hill. He owns a 172 cup!
  16. jordonjoseph

    car bogs down at 70 when wet

    Need some HELP !! i was out driving 3rd gear 6k revs changed gear to 5th sitting at 70mph went to over take someone and the car seemed to loose power , chug a bit and splatter (almost like misfire) bogs down and maybe a pop sometimes then picked up run fine again ?? only happen for about 2 secs...
  17. D

    Blyton Park Wet & Dry laps. Oversteers, lock ups, yeahhhh

    Morning all!! Haven't been onto CS for a while. Haven't really been onto any forums for a while as I had some (involuntary) time off work, but back to it now so I wanted to share what I've been up to with the DC2. Changes since the last time I posted include some lovely Spoon 4 pot calipers...
  18. B

    Wet footwells.

    Hello everybody. I usually have my clio 172 cup parked in the garage when it's at home but due to some home improvements I had to park the car on the drive while we had the heavy downpours on Monday Tuesday. Anyway I got in the car yesterday and it was very wet in the footwells. The...
  19. DrHammershaft

    Wet track night, AD08R or P - zeros?

    Hi, I'm booked up for a track night tonight at knockhill. Weather forecast is "thunder storm" and it's currently pishing down. Should I stick with the new AD08Rs that i have fitted just now, or put my old wheels back on with P - Zero Neros on? Also, would 30 psi at the front and 28psi...
  20. I

    Wet seats & back floor on a clio

    Hi All One nights quick rain storm and my latest clio that i have given my wife has wet back seats and floor behind passenger seat ?? The clio is a 3dr 2002. I normally would have thought sunroof due to the wet carpet behind the passenger seat but the centr of the rear seat is quite wet ?? I...
  21. haimsey

    Headliner - wet

    When it rains my headliner gets wet, one place only - passenger side, corner next to the sun visor. Cars a 172/non-sunroof. I've done a search and tried what I could find from a search. I have the aerial out, put silicon around the hole and then on the nut on the inside. Screen has also been...
  22. @Josh

    Tyres for Wet track days??

    Just wondering what tyres everyone uses on a wet track day? I run 888's when it's nice but it rained on my last track day and didn't get much grip What do people suggest? Josh
  23. C

    Water sloshing sound and wet belt

    Hi Guys, Upon driving out today I had the radio on pause and could hear a 'sloshing sound' as I was turning corners, but I cannot physically see any water in the trays by the wipers? It sounds like it is coming from that area, and last night it was raining so it was very noticeable this...
  24. A

    Wetherby Services

    Saw a blue 197 and a silver 1*2 with a black filler cap and black roof. Think it was about 15:30
  25. A

    AD08 or R1R's for the wet?

    As above, which is the better?
  26. A

    What's the best wet weather track tyre

    As above
  27. Llewellyn

    BREAKING Silver 182 - Ktec mounts, Cage, Sabelt, Wets & Slicks, 2118's, etc, etc.

    Lots of parts available & located in Cowley, Uxbridge - 10mins from Heathrow. 182 on 64k, bodywork is in very good condition and straight, but Engine & Gearbox are :dead:!
  28. B

    Hi pitched noise when turning the steering wheel on a wet / cold morning

    Hi All My 2004 Clio 182 has developed a high pitched noise when turning the steering wheel left or right on a wet / cold morning, it soulds like a fan belt slipping Otherwise the steering is fine, check the power steering oil and its not losing any could it be the AUX BELT or TENSIONER on...
  29. bboy

    172 feeling unstable and very tail happy in the wet

    Hi guys basically got this problem with my 172 at speed it feels very skittish and when i go around any corner at most speeds in the wet i start sliding. I turned left at 20mph yesterday and ended up sideways and on a gentle curve at 60mph ( just after leaving a dual carrigeway ) I ended up...
  30. A

    wet carpets, driver front and driver rear

    Hi guys, few days ago, i noticed my carpets were covered in water on my driver front and rear. I have been told it is because of the aircon? Is there a fix? I dont know where to look or what to look for. Any help please?