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Golf TDI.....again.

Had the privellige of driving a Golf Tdi 150 for a while yesterday, blimey what a motor. The sales manager I borrowed it from at VW reakoned it was quicker than the V6 4MOTION too!!

I knew it was a quickish car but this thing just pulled like a train all the way to 110 (till my bottle went:oops:). The official figures for it are 0-60 in 8.6 but one motoring mag I found claimed 7.4!:eek: ...........for a diesel. The only way to distinguish it between lesser diesels is in the badging. TDI for the 150, TDI for everything else.

their diesel racer golf in teh VW challenge won the last round by 15 secs!!!

and its underpowered by about 15bhp.....

my neighbour has got one and his just says GTI

Challenged me to a race though, but i just assumed he wasnt serious and just sniffed at him, id better make sure its on the flat or i could get embarrassed with those figures...then again maybe not..

Had a TDi 150 tail me on the motorway yesterday up a hill. I dropped to 3rd and he was keeping up, but hit the flat and I pulled away very considerably.

Id say that for overtaking, the instant push that the torque gives at the lower revs makes it very quick for the first few seconds - enough to really surprise a 172/16v etc. But beyond that initial pull, theres not the power to match. So say in a race from 2nd at 20mph, a TDi 150 will keep up until about 40 - then the petrol hot hatch will come on cam and leave it.

My mate and I went to pick up his new Saab 9-3 TD on Saturday and we both gave it some in our cars on the way home. Provided it could get the grip, the Saab TD was as quick as my moded 16v for those first few seconds out of the roundabouts. But after that, it got well and truly mullered.

Id definitely buy a TD as a quick and relaxed day-to-day motor - but I still prefer the high-rev thrills of a petrol unit. I expect well see more diesel "hot hatches" (mainly from the VW group) - but a turbo petrol unit will probably always be quicker in the same state of tune.

correct it has around 300nm torque it wont be as quick as a V6 Golf coz the power band is short it might feel quicker coz the max torque is at 1900rpm imagine drivin a super car big capacity n havin tons of torque but a 172 will win . not too sure about the first couple of seconds those torque does make things scary haha

i think if u mod it we can look at hhm....... .360nm n around 180-190 hp ?

DannyBoy, the 150 badge is all red but the 115 & 130 make do with just a red I (see my last post). Other external diffferences are the 150 sits slightly lower as it has the 1.8T suspension setup and runs on 16" Montreal 2 alloys.

I nearly confused Nm with lb/ft of torque there!

Just to compare: the Clio 16v has 160Nm @ 4250 rpm (116-119lb/ft).

I totally dont understand torque other than more is good but it felt like this car didnt need to change down to overtake. Just floor the throttle a bit of lag then whoosh! even in the higher gears at low revs too.

paranoia, i cant remeber if it had a red tdi but i know it had GTI TDI badges next to each reckon the 150, it had that low down pull
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I really hate it when Im cruising along on the rev limiter and one of those Golf diesels just goes cruising by. They have great torque. If you are behind one in traffic at say about 150km/hr or so they just pull away without dropping a cog when it clears. Thats progress I guess.

the 150BHP is the GT TDI badge all other diesels are badged TDI inc. 110 and 130 unless of course the owners have slapped on a dummy GT badge! Golfs are slow these days even the new anniversary GTI and R32 especially isnt any quicker than the 172 CUP for example...................

The badging ive posted is correct and the only way of identifying the 150 are by those stated. VW UK does not fit any GT badges to its diesel range, the only exception was the GTI Anniversary recently launched which came with retro GTI badging for that model only. Those that have them fitted are done at dealer level and at customer request.

CUPSIZE, I dont think id call the 150 slow....It weighs 464kgs more than yours and would still give you a run for your money......and it has ABS;)

they do sound good... perhaps i will get a drive when i head back to nz early next month :D but i sitll wont expect much "fun" from a golf even if its been "R" with
  (ex-2.0 Hybrid)CorradoVR6

Umm not convinced, to big, heavy and boat like. Its fairly quick but more of a cruiser rather than a hot hatch. And as for giving the cup a run for its money I think not.

O yeah nearly forgot, overpriced.
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Dads ordered a 150 bhp TDI jobby, should be arriving next year. Hes got a Golf GTi 1.8T at the moment and i slayed my friends VTS in it several times! also slayed a CRX VTEC too! noice

reprogram a tdi150.. standard reprogram.. superchips program, p-box, etc = 190 37-38nm and it simply goes as fast as a clio rs.. custom programing(not exagerated, like my friend has 198hp 39nm) and untill 4th gead its equivalent.. then simply say bye bye... and there are more programs... 220hp and more