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Goodbye Apex springs...

  BG 182
and hello eibach pro's!! What a transformation they are. They've been on the car for 3 days and I havent stopped smiling. No more swerving round the smallest glitch in the road and no-more creeping/scraping over speed bumps. Granted it looks a bit like a 4x4 in comparison to how it used to but you cant see that from behind the wheel.
Muchos Gracias to the people on here who recommended them to me and 'up yours' to the guy who put the apex on mine before I bought it lol
  derv biege barge
I have Eibach pros and experienced Renault dampers failing at the rear, 1 brand new unit did not last a day before it spewed all its oil over the floor, in the end Renault told me they could not honour the warranty due to the modified springs, so I just got me some Koni adjustables, been fitted for about a week now with no issues. Far better than Renault standard units, love the adjustable aspect of them too. Most people have no probs with the standard dampers good luck with it.