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Tim's Trophy - #455


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This thread is long overdue so apologies for the essay length of this first post.

I found Trophy #455 on Pistonheads in July 2011. It was on 42,000 miles and everything seemed to be in order (regularly serviced, belts done, Sachs refurbished etc) so I took a 400 mile round trip to Bolton to take a look.

Apart from a carbon splitter and wiper stalk mod it was completely standard so I put down a deposit then another 400 mile round trip a week later the car was mine!


Out of the box the Trophy is a fantastic package but there were a few choice upgrades I decided to carry out, all in order to further enhance the car:

Exhaust - It was blowing slightly and having seen the way 2.5 inch slash-cut pipes fit the rear bumper so much better I couldn't bear to look at the standard exhaust any longer. I wanted something that was top quality and looked good but didn't sound chavvy so I took a trip to ProSpeed in Cardiff who fitted a cat-back system with a 'mid-sport' sound. It was superb and exactly what I was hoping for.



Suspension - One of the rear Trophy-specific Sachs dampers was leaking ever so slightly so I took the decision to upgrade to Koni adjustables.

In addition the standard Trophy springs, while more than competent at speed, gave a jarring ride at low speed on broken surfaces, so Eibach Sportlines went on. The ride was transformed - they offered so much more compliance at low speed making driving around town much less of a chore without compromising high speed performance. Result!

Engine - Initially a simple ITG panel filter, but more to come later...


Driver skills - Booked onto a skid-pan course at Castle Combe, which was a very interesting lesson in car handling characteristics in slippery conditions, and how different responses can have dramatically different outcomes.

Also booked onto the first Burpspeed Llandow trackday and with the guidance of Jay, Tony & others #455 performed faultlessly, while I realised how limited my driving talent actually was.

Interior - Stripped the rear seats and fitted some boot carpet (sourced from eBay), along with Sabelt harnesses and a Sabelt steering wheel. I never imagined changing the wheel would make that big a difference to the driving experience but the small, suede-covered rim was one of the best upgrades I've made, enhancing feedback and giving so much more confidence - highly recommended!




Exterior - Bought myself a personalised registration mark and placed an order with FancyPlates, including a 3/4 plate for the front.
Changed to aero wiper blades and Osram Nightbreaker+ bulbs.
Added the obligatory CS sticker.
I have a 197 style RenaultSport badge ready to go on the bootlid, plus a stubby aerial from a Citroen C2 ready for fitting.

Washing - To look after the car I bought a Nilfisk pressure washer, Autobrite HD snow-foam lance, CQuartz wool wash mitts, various Autoglym products (SRP, EGP, HD wax), Poorboys wheel sealant, Gtechniq glass sealant, and as I don't have a garage I also bought a Stormforce car cover from I'm pleased with every single thing I've bought, they all help to keep #455 up to scratch.

Maintenance - The car has been regularly serviced by Michael Woodford Motorsport Ltd (thanks Mike), regular oil changes have been carried out with Fuchs Titan Pro Race S (5w-40) and ATE Superblue is my brake fluid of choice.

At a ClioTrophy meet at Gaydon some time ago:


Because I walk to work and use the family car (Focus 1.8 Zetec) for any short journeys the Trophy really only gets used for when I fancy a drive! It's currently on 49,000 miles and I'm insured for 4,000 miles annually so that won't be climbing high anytime soon.

It's been an absolute dream to own so far, I've enjoyed two trackdays at Llandow and a couple of trackday evenings at Bedford but it was clear when Tony took me out in it that the Trophy has way more ability than me. Nevertheless I'm looking forward to more trackdays and searching out some of the better driving roads our country has to offer, I absolutely love this car!

More recent pics:



RS2 update to follow in the next few days...
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  Megane 250
Mint! Had no idea you were getting an RS2 for it mate! You'll love it, I was well impressed when Chip took me out in his/Lesleys.

Flat Eric

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  182, Ecoboost Fez
Good read. The more I look at trophies the more get the urge to buy one :(
I'm tempted to get a sabelt wheel for my 182 too.


ClioSport Moderator
Epic car Timothy, epic car. About time a thread appeared on here. Keen to see it post RS2. Glad to see a baby seat hasn't crept back in ;)

Hope the family is all good. More trackdays need to go in the calendar! See you on the 23rd for Nandos munching. PS let me know if you want a hand with the 197 badge and I'll pop over.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Never mind a 197 badge. Fit some 197 cams and some arp bolts. Extra 10bhp on an rs2 car roughly :)

good to see a thread for your car. Must get Lesley to do one some day!


ClioSport Moderator
Never mind a 197 badge. Fit some 197 cams and some arp bolts. Extra 10bhp on an rs2 car roughly :)

good to see a thread for your car. Must get Lesley to do one some day!

I agree with the cams. Unfortunately, my assistant skills stretch to badges and weak cups of tea, not cams, timing and arp bolts ;)

Oh, and he probably can't buy a set because you keep buying them :)


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At last, you've posted a project thread! :D
The Trophy looks great, Tim. And I like the modifications you've made/are making too. I look forward to seeing the results.

...and searching out some of the better driving roads our country has to offer, I absolutely love this car!

Next time you are over this way then give me a shout. There's one or two nice roads you'd be able to appreciate out this way.

Never mind a 197 badge. Fit some 197 cams and some arp bolts. Extra 10bhp on an rs2 car roughly :)

I have a brand new set of unopened ARP bolts that are surplus to requirements if needed...

Will reveal all tomorrow...

*waits patiently*
  Clio 172
Nice to see the car getting a thread Tim, lovely looking motor and it tracked well round Llandow, will be nice to see the RS2 figures.
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Are the 197 cams good for mid-range torque?

(Sorry for hijacking)

Nope. All their gains are at the top end, so they are good for revving, hence needing ARPs as well to make proper use of them.

F4R pulling hard at 7800rpm through an RS2 sounds great :)


ClioSport Club Member
Thanks for all the positive comments guys.

Let me know if you want a hand with the 197 badge and I'll pop over.
I'm a bit nervous about putting the badge on wonky, which is why it's been on my 'to do' list for ages, so I may well take you up on that offer (so I can blame you for fcuking it up ;))

You need the silver lined Renault Sport mats BADLY though. Really really badly!
It's funny, you live with them day in, day out, but don't really notice how bad they look. Thanks for pointing them out Rob, I'll be making a purchase very soon!

Next time you are over this way then give me a shout. There's one or two nice roads you'd be able to appreciate out this way.
I'll definitely do that Andy, I really want to see just how well-matched the Trophy is to good Welsh roads. I'll be in touch!

I have a brand new set of unopened ARP bolts that are surplus to requirements if needed...
Ooooh, do you now?! :approve:


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I was always of the opinion that there was little point making any power upgrades to #455. The Trophy is way more capable than my driving ability so why bother spending £££s to get more power? I'm pleased I managed to hold out for as long as I did, but over Christmas I caved, after all, you only live once so why not?!

Partly as a result of the plethora of 'What cams?' threads and then the more recent 'Cams vs RS2' discussion, and partly down to South Central members and their hunt for more power (Oli's cam'd flamer, Tim's boosted R26, Ellen's cam'd 182, Chip's turbo, Lesley's RS2'd 172, and Fletcher's soon-to-be cam'd Iceberg 172 (do it Fletch!), I developed an itch that needed to be scratched, so research into the RS2 began in earnest.

This forum is fantastic because of the vast wealth of knowledge of its members so thanks to Chip, Danlp6, Aucky, Sam, Chris & plenty of others, who were pestered and helped me conclude that an RS2 was definitely the way forward.

Knowing how popular the RS2 is I knew I had to be on the ball and was fortunate to be in the right place at the right time when Michael Woodford Motorsport posted a 'for sale' thread for the RS2 which was on their phase 1. I sent a PM and the deal was done, sold within minutes of posting!

I took the car down to Surrey Rolling Road for its very first run on the dyno, with the only upgrades being the cat-back ProSpeed exhaust and ITG panel filter. Results below:


From there it went straight to Mike for an oil & brake fluid change, and for him to fit the RS2, a de-cat pipe & a Mocal oil catch tank, then map the whole package.

The wait was almost unbearable - it was like being a kid at Christmas again, but it wasn't long before Mike said it was all done and was ready for collection. I think it's a really smart looking bit of kit.


Many people will be most interested in the results:


The numbers speak for themselves but what they don't convey is how they've transformed the way the car drives, and how it pulls from low revs, and pulls, and pulls, and just keeps on pulling. It's so smooth, consistent & linear, I love it!

I much prefer how it delivers its power now compared to having that spike at 5,250rpm before, and to quote a fellow RS2 owner, "you can just waft alone on the low-end torque", and that suits me just fine!

The journey home was way too short for my liking. Exiting every corner I just wanted to get on the power and hear that noise...THAT NOISE!!!!! It's just utterly addictive.

Huge thanks to Mike for selling his RS2 and for fitting it to #455 and mapping it so well, I really am very impressed with how it goes. I have a feeling I'll be blitzing my 4,000 mile limit for this year's insurance. Oh well, it'll be well worth it!

If anyone wants a run in it, let me know!
  182/RS2/ Turbo/Mk1
Nice result there Tim, I can see why you are happy with that :)

Prepare for the fact though that some idiot is going now going to say that you have lost torque because you have indeed lost that completely pointless little torque hump, its just something we RS2 owners have to put up with from people who can only see a peak figure and cant look at the fact that yes you lost 5lbft for a few hundred rpm or whatever but you gained double that everywhere else!

A set of ARP's would be a good investment just to allow you rev it a little further even if you dont change the cams as well, as although power is just slightly starting to tail off at 7500rpm, its still got enough poke up there that a few hundred rpm more might occasionally be useful coming out of the bends to avoid the limiter.

They are a bit of a pain to fit due to having to take the sump off, but good insurance.


Lol at the red hose, you trophy boys love these little details dont you!


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  Megane 250
Fantastic Tim. I'll be pestering you for a passanger ride out next time I see you :D

Flat Eric

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  182, Ecoboost Fez
Good results. I want a ride in an rs2'd Clio. Maybe one day.

They look so good. Having that torque across rev range must be loads better.
Get a video of the noise up too
Looks great, nice mod's too. Remember seeing this driving around Horwich and Bolton. I often thought why I've not seen it for ages, explains why :)


South Central-South Coast
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  Megane R26
Out of interest where does the hose that goes towards the rad go out of the catch tank ?


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Great results, Tim, and I'm glad you enjoyed the drive home. Time to up the yearly mileage quota on your insurance policy... :D I might jump in with you for a spin next time I see you as it would be great to experience the RS2. Enjoy!!! *thumbs up*