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Got my clio cup yesterday and...

its fantastic. Have already clocked up 140 miles in it and my work journey is only 20 miles each way. I was suprised how eager and torquey the car is at low rpms with such little mileage on it.

The only thing Im pissed off with is with Renault for not checking the car properly. Basically the dial which controls the direction of air flow to windscreen, air vents etc is nackered and apparently needs the air box replaceing along with the cables.

Apart from that Im well chuffed with it. Also had it superguarded inside and out to give it some extra protection against the elements. Cant wait for the running in period to finish, so I can let loose all that BHP under the bonnet.

The ride is very compliant on bumpy A&B roads and the blue paint work looks great. Brakes seem sharp at first, then there seems to be a bit of travel, so not sure if they need running in more or if its a 172 trait of the car.

ya know my dumbness i didnt actually read it says clio cup anyway! doh!! ha ha! still least its changed now!! :D

no need to run it in never prevents anything.

best just thrash it, and it seems tat thrashed engines produce more power, from the last RR session..........i was right all along!!!:cool:

i tried to run in my 172 but got bored after the first 3 or 4 miles and have thrashed it ever since. seems fine to me. ;)

thrashing the 172s does seem to loosen them up alot, I suppose this is because thats what they are designed for!! The engine can take all those high revs...
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Give it plenty from day 1!! Its just a prevention thing by Renault, to cut down on claims!!

Get your right foot down!
  Williams 2, STi N12

When I used to work for Renault all the salesmen/ valetors..infact everybody always ragged the nuts off every car despite its age. Especially us lot out the back in the workshop.

It wont make any difference taking it easy for a while..if there is something wrong itll just take longer to happen!


Re: your vents! No surprise to me mate, mine also went thru the quality Renault PDI check. Stone chip in the bonnet( replaced the bonnet), went to pull the cigarette lighter out and the whole console came out and lastly the centre light assembly was hanging off. They must be using blind chimps to PDI some of there cars!!

Hope you enjoy it, I also would reccomend to just go for it. Seems to have worked for me, this one is much faster than the last, run in, 172 I had!
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well from the RR day results, although most of the 172s were highly inconsistent, the thrashed ones seemed to be givin out a fair bit more power
  Renault Laguna Coupe

Mine went loads better after the first track day - better still after another couple! Id say rag it after 650 - just in case something falls off!

Sorry I havent replied but my PC keeps loosing internet connection.

Ive just lost loads a text that I was about to post.

So in short, thanks for the replies will probably drive it how it was intended to be driven, fast from day one. Ive clocked 220 miles of fairly even driving in it already.

Cupboy - With Norwich Union direct for £750 for me and girlfriend with protected ncb.
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Hey BenS - yeah, just thrash it. I kinda took it easy for 650 miles, but once theyd past i thrashed it big time. All the way to the rev limiter. Ill sell the car before it goes bang. It has a warranty that i am always using, no questions asked! cool!

Well been out earlier and given it abit of full on right pedal action and was quite shocked how fast this thing really is. It sounds great when you plant your right foot and ride out the rpms to 7000. Cant get enough now.