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Got my new 172 today !!! :)

Okay this is me right now --> :D

Just picked my new baby up this morning, brand new MkII 172 in black!!

Been driving it round all day and although I havent really let it rip yet, its feels a much better drive than the 1.7 Puma that I traded in (a great car in its own right).

Only downside is that the manuals are in Dutch, getting an English set next week though. Happy days anyway... :D

Oh, can someone tell me what the different displays are on the dash, when you press the the little button with the 3 dots (by the windscreen wash). One looks like average speed, another is MPG - what are the others?


Good choice of car!!!!

OK the button thing you asked.....

Fuel used (circle on a stick....pick of car number then L)

Average consuption (circle on a stick....pick of car then L/100)


Estimated fuel left ( pic of car with arrow pointing to a pump)

Distance covered since last re set (circle on a stick....pick of car)

Average speed....(samepic, but easy to work out which is which!)

hope this helps!!!


BTW the button is the on-board computer!!!!

Ive had mine nearly 4 months and the grins just get bigger.....!!! lol

  Lupo Gti

I want one ya b*stards! saw a really nice black one fly past me today, and they look amazin in black or silver i decided!

U lot r sooooo lucky!


Yeah - up any colour thats not silver :) Silver was too common, its nice that people are buying other colours. (still glad I got a silver one tho)
  CTR EK9 turbo

I still love my mk.1 and ive had it well over a year now! Its so nice driving a new car and everyone comments when they get inside at how nice it is inside and outside! my friends really like it. I remember reading and drooling over what people were writing about their 172s in anticipation of getting mine!!! I get so excited about driving it anywhere. Even go on a quick voyage to get petrol, gotta love the way it grips and pulls from low revs, and its this impressive, as standard!!!

I remember driving my old scirocco worrying about whether im going to get toasted by something or not be able to overtake something, but in this car i dont even think twice about it, unless its a CTR or something better hehe.
  Revels Mum & Sister

Looking at getting a Cup earlier next year. When I get some money that is coming to me!!

Making me want one now!!

Making me miss Driving my Valver. I havent had chance to drive mine in this nice weather. Has been sat in the garage for just over 3 weeks.!!


  Shiny red R32


Now that IS BLACK! Pity about the wheels though, they look far too dark, not enough definition in that department, but I love the twin tailpipes.