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Great.... friendly Nova boy!!!

  Audi S3

Just had my car chipped at hillpower and there really good and helpfull .

well anyway i was out for a quick drive ;) and im driving along next thing i know theres a nova filling my rear view so i think lets test this new chip out in its first race out of the first round about i push it a little to see if hes up for it well obviusly he gives chase. off the second roundabout i give it more and he pulls out as if i thinks he will take me and all that happens as i pull away from him quite comftably, as i slow he pulls alongside give a nod and a smile as we get to the third roundabout and of this one i give it all and easly pull away and leave him behind after which we go seperate ways. it was great first win for the newly chipped valver great:D

anyway rant over. oh btw it was a GSI Nova .

  20VT Clio & 9-5 HOT

hahaha. So do you notice a difference afer the chip then mate?? How long do you have to book in advance before the car goes in. Im planning on going in a couple of weeks but not sure when my cars going to be ready yet so dont want to book anythin.

  Audi S3

Craig, Do i notice a differance?? hell yea! no time at all just give him a ring and should be booked in for a few days after

had a little play with a CTR on the M-way on the way back too! how quick do them things pick up at motorway speeds! i did keep up with it was a little faster but i was well impressed with how the 16v did against it.


How much did you pay for it?

What other mods have you done?

Thinking about getting one myself after Ive done a few other things first

CTRs do go well mate i should know i had the pleasure of my dads for a couple of days so had a play to see what it could do, be rude not to !
  Audi S3

oh it cost £125 + vat inc a cliosport discount.

ive got a group N clutch, scorpian exaust, k-tec de-cat (silanced) and Induction kit.