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Greetings from Austria

  Clio RS 200EDC

my name is daniel,i`m 26 and i live with my girlfriend and my son in a small town in austria.
since 2 weeks i have an clio rs angel& demon in frost-weiss :) i love this car

before i bought the clio i drove seat,vw and at last an opel corsa.the corsa was the worst car i have ever had.

when i have some spare time i play football,meet with friends or do something with my family.

sorry for my bad enlish
  Fiesta ST-3
Welcome. Your English is actually very good. A lot better than the majority of members on here lol.
  Clio RS 200EDC
thanks for your welcoem greetings

now i got 1700km (1000miles) on my clio and its WOW :)
maybe it gets an exhaust,but i dont know which i should should be much louder than other cars in my neighbourhood...they shoild know i'm coming....on my corsa i have a bastuck witz 200cells and the was nice but not enough ;)