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grr insurance time

  255 V6 Black Gold

Got a nice quote off elphant..... £1890....

is good that./.... i am only 20, with 2 year no claims...

bearing in mind and all that come back with £4000 + etc.....

Only just found out its bloody pay in one lump sum..... pay monthly adds 19% on!!!

not got a clue what to do! insurance is due in 5 days!! somebody help!
  255 V6 Black Gold

yeah i got cards already.... supose i could do....

but this is real short notice aint it.... card wouldnt arrive in 5 days for me to take that policy out!

the only reason i am having to take out this, is because norwich union have stopped the 3rd party extension for under under 30 year olds.

because as it stands, i drive the cup of the back of my fully comp fiesta insurance... the cups actualy in my mums name, and i insurance her for £240... and me on the fiesta for £300... so its only £550

not ideal... but is for me...... any one know any insruance companies which still do the 3rd party extention for under 21s?
  mk2 clio 172

if you add the 19% on top thats only £2249 surley thats still cheaper than anywhere else you been looking.
  255 V6 Black Gold

yeah it is.... but still expensive

i did i quote for it when i am 21, and its 1300

i am 21 in two months, so i have just added myself as a named driver onto it, (its currently regd and insured in my mums name)

only cost 75 fro 3 motnhs, that will do me till i am 21