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Guy who owns 172cup- WGC

didn't see the car... but you were chatting to me outside pizza hut for about fifteen mins, until i rudely had to go and pick my pizza up lol.

you said you come on here couple me times... so come on show face lol.

first time a fellow clio sport owner has approached me from nowhere.

everyone should talk to me as i'm great!
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
i saw a black RS going up digswell road this morning (i was going down) and a bloo one near the clock hotel in welwyn (i was coming from codicote)
Matteh said:
Let me know when you're in welwyn and i will ;)

awww... bless your big gay socks lol

If it was a 172cup you saw this morning it may have been me. starting my journey back home. My mum lives in Welwyn, and i'm down there near enough every month.

You don't see anywhere near as many Clio Sports down south than you do up here (Chester)... although everyone up here is gay and too scared to drive fast lol
  '92 172, Lotus Elise
thats right.. everyone but *you* is gay ;)

not sure if it was a cup tbh, new ones all look alike to me ;)