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Had the 182 on a rolling road, flat spot?

  BG 182
I'll stick the graph up tomorrow, but here's the details;

bhp@flywheel = 171.2
bhp@wheels = 143.8
torque (Nm) = 198

This was consistent over three runs.

Flat spot at 2250-2500rpm, drops a fair bit and picks back up.
Can't say it's that noticeable, but I'm probably used to it.

Had a service a 3k ago, exhaust from cat back isn't standard, an that's about it.

I know it could be anything, but any suggestions?

I'll get it back on after I've made some changes. (Handy having a RR at work!)
  BG 182
can you feel it on the road? if not it's not a flat spot, it's just a dip. It's pretty normal
  BG 182
Nah, can't say I've ever noticed it. And to be honest, if I want to go somewhere quick, I'm going to be dropping down a gear. I've not seen any graphs from standard 182's before, I'm guessing this looks pretty similar?
Seems about right that figure plus looks like a pretty smooth graph:D

We had a RRday on saturday and the majority of the figures were around the same!! give or take a few