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Had the 200 2 weeks and I can't help myself ;)

Lower bumper lips getting vinyl wrapped gloss black as per akprovic edition this weekend, also and this won't be to everyone's taste... The little sticker on the cup spoiler that protects the spoiler from being rubbed by the aerial is being replaced with a small shaped red white and blue French flag :) Saw it on my mates 200 race car and loved it.

That is all.
Someone done this on a dyno test. Before and after lid removal gave them a 20bhp loss with the lid removed.

20BHP lol, TBH I won't touch the airbox maybe chuck a panel in their at some point & perhaps put an exhaust on it something a little louder but subtle.

Other than that probably leave it be, drives really well, people are correct with what they say, chuck it in to a bend and you just fall in love with them lol.