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Hard wiring fogs?


ClioSport Moderator
Need a bit of a hand with the hard wiring of my fogs...

I havent yet picked up the switch, but I assume its going to have three prongs:

Switched live

This correct???

Now how do I wire this up to the lights themselves?

Some diagrams (I think i'm going wrong somewhere)

A blank one... for anyone wishing to add lines?


And then a couple of ideas I have of how do it.....


All help MASSIVELY appreciated.


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ClioSport Moderator
Is a relay necessary then mate? Thought it could just be done with a switch maybe?

Reading the link now, cheers.

EDIT: That seems quite a complex way of doing it mate, but if its all that is suggest to me then i'll go for it.

Thanks a lot mate :)
  3 Series touring
ive got a pricce of wire (a renault peice ;) connecting the two fogs, but its just the same as below...this is how i did it, and if you need a look , or a hand il pop round



  3 Series touring
Is a relay necessary then mate? Thought it could just be done with a switch maybe?

a relay could be used, but seeing as the wiring will involve putting a switch and wires through into the inside of the car, theres no need to use a relay , may aswell just run the live straight through the switch, just remember to use the correct rated cable and switch , aswell as include a fuse!!

bearing in mind you have 2x55W bulbs at 12 volts (i make that 4.6 amps per bulb?)


ClioSport Moderator
I like the use of the word unlikely... ;)

Cheers for coming on Ben, as you have done it is as I am going to do it....

I've pretty much done it now, but as it got dark I couldnt finish it :(

I have the piece of wire that conects the lights dont worry about that ;) just have one connector with two connections on it, live and earth.

P.s I have a different whole i drilled myself for sub cable and alarm so the wires have gone through there, only problem is i've gotta run an ignition live from somewhere for the switch to light up.
  3 Series touring
use of the word unlikely implies that you have cable that can carry 15 amps, (which im sure you will :s) and also that you have used a fuse? if not i really dont reccomend turning them on untill you do, as that may cause a world of pain ! as with any circuit, the fuse is essential to stop the current getting too large if (and when ) a bulb blows.

aslong as everything in the circuit is rates at or above 15 amps, then its happy days


ClioSport Moderator
I have nice thick-ish wire from work, defo over 15amps, I went out and bought an inline fuse which i have added, I've just gotta change the wiring about (next weekend because i'm working during daylight) SUCKS tbh.
  3 Series touring
lol, just got your text mate! maybe i have a sixth sense or something!
il probably be around next weekend so just gimme a shout if you need a hand.

quick question too: are your alloys insured...and if so who are you direct line are being cvnts and i cant have alloys apparently :mad:

but parents are aware of this and im now FORBIDDEN from putting them on lol


ClioSport Moderator
Are your wheels not 15 inch renault alloys mate?

If so they are a standard wheel anyways, shoulda just bunged em on and said the car came like that.

Cant remember who i'm insured with atm if i'm honest, swiftcover are good for covering mods for young people, they have a specific young person thing, covers alloys and all sorts of shite.
  vaux cavalier
Just wanted to say thanks to everyone who helped, lights are in and hardwired (beautifully) :)

Any chance of a wiring diagram....

interested in how you eventually did it....

Just a short note;

The purpose of using a relay is mainly to prevent the main draw being pulled via the switch. If you hard wire as mentioned above then the feed must travel from the battery to the switch, then from the switch to the bulbs....This cable length will have a higher resistance and as such voltage drop will become an issue....Running twin 55w bulbs at 14v through a switch is fine, assuming you fit an appropriate switch, but the voltage drop will lead to a loss in performance of the bulbs....As the cable length & number of connections increase, so will voltage drop....

I have seen quite a few cars with melted stock head light switches to know that fire is a possibility....

And you mustn't forget, if your car burns for any reason, with fogs wired in this fashion your ins could be void....

If in doubt, sort it out....
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