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Has Anyone Used This Alarm System Before

  Turbo Convesion Started!!

Hi guys

please could you let me know anyone if u have seen these alarms, if they are any good, if anyone has one or what you rekon on them?

im thinking of getting one as they are a good price and would love remote start!!!!

the only thing is i dont know the make or anyone who has had one and wasd wondering if it done what it says it does!!!!!!!

cheers guys


  RS 182 - Black Gold

yes i knwo 2 people with them

both professionaly fitted.

And are having nightmare problems with them,.So i guess iwudnt reccomend it at all.

They have has problems with the remote start not workign atall.
alarm has failed and been replaced 3 times on 1.

Personally i wouldnt touch it mate.

Got the Clifford RS 3, i think it is £300 fitted from

Sound, Remote start works every time and its now wired up to open my doors and boot, top bit of kit!!
  Turbo Convesion Started!!

kool, cheers guys, it did seem a bit cheap for a remote start alarm system anyway!!!!