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HDMI Switch


  04 Clio 16V Dynamique
With the addition of the Mac, I've now got a slight dilemma - 2 HDMI ports on the TV but 3 devices to connect. I have to swap cables every time I want to use the Mac or the Laptop.

Has anyone had any experience with HDMI Switches yet, and recommend one?
  BMW M135i
Got one from maplins for my old tv which only had 1 hdmi port on it, payed £40 for it and it performed flawlessly for the year or so I used it. Did what it said on the tin.
  Evo 8 MR
Can't you use a VGA or DVI cable? Just those switch things are annoying and are usually tempremental.


  04 Clio 16V Dynamique
Cheers for the advice lads.
Went out and bought a Auto Switch from Maplin's this morning for £17.