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  Clio 200 Cup


Couple of questions from a complete ICE novice:

1. Does my standard 182 Cabasse head unit have an autochanger socket that I could plug an AUX adaptor into to allow my MP3 to work

2. If yes, how do I remove the head unti to get access to plug the lead in?

Any help appreciated. Cheers,


ha mate not shore a bout the auth changer i changed the hole unit. to get your head unit out u can use 4 small screw drivers in the 4 hols (thats what i did) or you can go and bye the proper tools from halfords for a few pound.

Answer to question 1, basically theres no cable available however if you can get the pin outs for the socket you could in theory make on up yourself.

2. Standard HU removal key from halfords, always use the correct tool for the job.