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headlight washers

  clio sport 172
hi,my headlight washers on my 172 don't seem to work all they do is leak and stain the bumper! any advice on how to solve this problem.thanks.
  clio 182 cup
the washer bottle on them has 2 motors, each has two upward facing nozzles, pump 1 does front n back, an the other does washerjets left n right, so, it sounds like youve got 2 problems, the jets themselves are knackered ( the bobs inside them stick up, letting all the water out) and a faulty pump. they never seem to blow fuses them, even when theyve been frozen. so i doubt its fuse, but wouldnt hurt to check i guess.
  clio sport 172
do these washer really need to work? my mate said there a waste of time and that i should snip the pipe and block it off. but iv'e seen people say u need them to pass mot but other people say it's a load of rubbish. 1 problem after another at the minute!!