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Hello from Venezuela!


ClioSport Club Member
Hi! My name is Carlos, im 24 yo and i live in Caracas Venezuela
After so many readings into the forums i decided to step in to get to know other Clio lovers and to get some feedback on the lil project im conducting rn with my "lil smurf" (couse is blue and small, get it? Hehe... Right)

Ill send some pics later in the day of him since is 5:18am here and im a lil sleepy.

Rn im working on getting it a lil faster with some mods.
Is a 2005 K4J Clio II
It has.
- Custom decat 2 inch exhaust with 2 resonators and a flowmaster 60 series
- Ported and polished cams

And im on the look for:
- k&n 57-0488 filter kit
- custom headers (if i ever find someone who makes them here or at least find a aftermarket one)
- bigger injectors (although my mechanic told me to install megane 2 dual jet injectors)
- and lastly the block swap to a K4M
- a remap of course (2 options, reflash the ecu or install the unichip with dyno tune)
- all the mild suspension and brakes upgrades (eibach sport springs, braces if i ever find any and rear disk brake conversion kit from a scenic. I dont know yet if theres a way to upgrade the calipers)

It has some issues with the radiator and the IAC valve (i hate that thing). Idle is good but when i press the clutch it wants to turn off and it shuts off and back on the AC compressor (just in the stoplights) and going downhill also wants to turn off if im standing still. Ussually happens at night when the hi beams and lights in general are turned on.

Maybe an electrical problem x.x?
  Clio 197,with megan'
Hi Carlos, I am from Scotland. A lot of peculiar electrical problems can be earth related, someone on here, will be along with advice.NOW......... never mind the car, what is life like in Venezuela?.


ClioSport Club Member
Well, lets just say that is like anywhere else if you dont count the severe lack of quality in common used services like water, electricity. Or the expensive that life can get if you work for minimun wage x.x
Is like starting your favourite videogame in hard.
I feel blessed because im from the small minority that was and still able to live "a normal" life, have a car or even to study to get a degree.


ClioSport Admin
Welcome aboard.

I went on my honeymoon to Aruba which if I’m not mistaken is about 30 miles off the coast of Venezuela.

My most favourite part of the world.


ClioSport Club Member
Welcome aboard.

I went on my honeymoon to Aruba which if I’m not mistaken is about 30 miles off the coast of Venezuela.

My most favourite part of the world.
Beaches here are really really impresive if you know where to look.
Problem is the lack of security in the beaches if youre too much "on your own" there. But all in all, is very similar


ClioSport Club Member
Welcome to the club mate. Be interested to see some photos of the work as you carry it out!
Will do. Today got a lil chaotic but tomorrow ill be with my mecanic in the morning to try to fix the idle issue.

I finally fixed my loud exhaust today.
Still on the look for short headers to see if i can improve the low end torque of the engine.
And i still have to import the k&n filter kit.

Lastly ill install the k4m block and internals and run the dyno

Im expecting 140bhp to the wheels on 95 octane... Still yet to be archived