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i just thought i would say hello cos i only just found out about this site (mit site by the way)

n e of u from cruise please say hello or just n e of u say hello so i dont feal leftout:)

a litle bit of info on my self

age 19

car: clio 16V

mods: NOS, 16" dynamics monza golds, and a nice bassy soundsystem

im also a student and lifeguard

i hope some 1 say hello so i dont look


  Shiny red R32

Valva With NOS

Do you live in Cheshire?

I used to live just outside Northwich.
  Skoda Fabia vRS

hi mate if you live in the north west then your welcome to come along to the first north west meet, Rochdale Halfords, next Sat, Oct 19th, 4pm

wow i feal

i live in runcorn which near warrington (cheshire area)

any 1 els from runcorn or warrington?????

i finish work at 4 on the 19th so ill c u all in rochdale

RSI-williams my NOS cost me £600 and i fitted it me self, which wasnt that hard but i did have to make my own mount out of sheet steal 4 the injector cos the 16V air in takes dont have a tube like most cars to mount it in. but the place wer i bought the kit from offered to fit it 4 me 4 about £200-250. it took me a full day to fit tho. ill show u the kit in rohdale if u want m8.

Mega watts supplied the kit (they have only just opened this week) ste who runs it used to work 4 dimma, hes the 1 who owns that 106 in blue and white with the dimma kit on it, anyways heres his mobile number if u want 07866720839 just tell him craig with the clio gave u it

oh i almost 4got big thanks to girlracer 4 that extra big hello:D