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Help! 172 cup MOTfailure on Rear Brakes

  172 cup
Just after some advice. My 172 cup has just failed its Mot on its rear brake performance. I was told the reading should be at least 100 and they came back 43 & 50. Which is well short. Heard about other people having problems getting cups through MOT's. Don't know if this is related to that reason?
Brake pads were changed 100 miles ago, dics are fine, mechanic suggested brake fluid problem.
Any advice would be greatly appretiated as I can get it re-tested for free within 10 days. Thanks in advance.:(

  Lionel Richie
sit 3 people in the back, it'll pass

VOSA sent out a notice to all MOT centres regarding this on clio cups
  172 cup
I explained the problem I'd read about on this site with the cups. They had never heard about it. They had a print out with information from VOSA on my car and it was not listed. How do I go about proving this to them?