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help-lost sound on laptop!

  Ford Fiesta
just within last hour sound has stopped working. Ive tried all obvious, unmute etc system re store. But it wont play.

When I opened a mp3 before it said there is a problem with the sound device. Now it doesnt say this it shows it playing but there is no sound.

Any ideas how I can sort it?

  Ford Fiesta
tried that by going to website and doing it. Not changed anything. How can it just stop workiing?

any other ideas? could it be knackered sound card? its only 8 month old. If it is knackered sound card whats the process can they just slot a replacement in without me losing anything from the harddrive?
  ff 182
think the sound will be intergrated on your mother board but if you do after take it in to be fix theres no reason why you should lose all your data. sorry i cant't be of any more sure tho somreone will bealong shortly who can ...
  Ford Fiesta
sorted it. laptop had set itself up to use bluetooth device for audio rather than speakers.

On a side note can i use my mobile phone headset as a mic for my laptop to speak over net?
  Striped track ****
mine cuts out some times when i have my sub working hard let the amp cool down and then its fine
  Ford Fiesta
the nokia bluetooth headset desnt support connection with computers does it?
Which bluetooth headsets for my phone will also act as a mic and speaker for phone calls through my laptop??