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Help me figure what is in my car

  Volvo S60 D5

(This is a Volvo install, but you guys probably know more about car audio than the Volvo websites!)


Ok, so I go to install my new T5-R amplifier behind the dash, and what do I find?

Absolutely tonnes of aftermarket speaker wire (clear plastic tubing with visible copper twists - much like my home cinema setup.

Also found the following:-

2 x Boston ProSeries 5.4X boxes <-what the hell are these?
2 x SoundStream Granite P51 Crossovers

The two Boston ProSeries boxes have connected lines out (or in?) for Amp and Subwoofer -> neither of which Im aware that have in my car (apart from the stock inbuilt amp in the standard Volvo SC8xx head unit!!)

No way in hell will the T5-R amplifier fit withall this stuff behind there so I need to figure out what it all is and what its about!

Ive done a couple of home cinema setups before and am familiar in general with audio equipment, but ive never ever done in car audio before!

Can someone give me a basic rundown, as well as telling me what the 4 boxes are in my car! :)