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Help me with buying a wrote off clio please?

  K20 EG Hatch

I'm going to look at the above car today. If all well and good I will probably get it, it's for my girlfriend.

If I fix it all myself what else is there to do to get it back on the road? Am I right in saying MOT, tax and VIC check? Anyone know how much the VIC check is?

Who would and wouldn't go for this then?

Should cost under £2k, a hpi clear 40k dynamique has got to be worth another 50% ontop of that right?

  421 Cammed 172
Its not too far away mate.

Only willenhall, you may be better off going for a decent look around it just incase there's more to it than whats listed.

AFAIK The MOT, Tax and VIC are all thats needed. For the VIC Check it may be worth looking on the DVLA website as there's probably places listed on there so you can call and see how much it is.

From another one of their listings : vic inspection easy 10 min job at you local dvla office £41

Located on Nechells Lane Willenhall.

There's a few members from that area if you wanted someone to go look with you.


  RS2'ed 172 Cup
I got a VIC Check done on a work mates car, took 10 Min if that and cost £46.00

Looks a simple repair from the Photos, Although as said above if its local, id go and have a look and see if you can drive round the yard just to make sure its all straight.
  K20 EG Hatch
Thanks for the replys.

Yeah I wouldn't buy it without seeing it first. I don't get people who buy cars off ebay without seeing them first. Something I would never ever do! Going to look at it now. Will report back and put some better pics up for anyone interested :)

  421 Cammed 172
See if they have a passenger side 172 Xenon headlight (With black insert) for me please mate - lol