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help on clio williams


i recently bought a clio williams and being new to this car i have few questions

is there any parts CD or catalog available? the local renault garage keeps ordering the wrong spares.

i have to change engine mounts. the upper one, just beside the powersteering fluid jar seems to be gone. ordered it and got the lower one. im probably going to change that too. which is in your experience the most failure prone eng support?

the car is "tail happy"in the wet. is it a characteristic of the willy or do i have crappy tires on the rear?

the previois owner changed the steering rack before selling. i noticed the car steers more on the left than on the right. i checked the steering arms. the right one has a slightly different shape that the left one. is that normal? i have a quarter of turn more available on left, can that be adjusted just working on the steering arms setting?

last thing, i have noticed a rather high oil consumption. the engine has 150.000 km on, but it doesnt smoke, and there seems to be little blow-by. i heard oil consumption is common in these engines?

the oil temp instrument is dead, where is the oil temp sensor located?

for the rest, neat little car. lots of torque and power.


gm in switzerland

Not sure about a parts catalogue but any Renault Dealer shoud be able to order parts per your oval plate number. With regards to the tail happy characteristic, mine doesnt really suffer apart from a little lift off oversteer. And the steering arms should be the same both sides as far as I know but im not 100% sure.

Oil consumption is high on these cars especially in the winter (approx 1ltr per 1000kms as per the factory figures).

The oil temp sensor is located somewhere at the back of the engine I think but the Renault dealer should be able to confirm this.