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Help posting pics of new seats in Cup


I have finally got the sub frames for my Konig seats and put them in on Saturday!!! Bit of a job though and took ages to do and needed our full workshop facilities to do it!!!!!!

I have taken some (not very good) digital images and want to post them for everyone to see. Can anyone help me post them??

They are fantastic and improve everything immensly. Driving postion is magnificent and completely transform the car. They are honestly the best seats ive ever sat in and they only cost circa £650- . We put Cobra seats in the Impreza 18 months ago and they were the worst ever. £2K down the drain and they were not even bothered to help!! So we did not use them again and chucked the seats for new STI Recaros from Japan.

Anyway, dont try to change the seat yourself unless you have full workshop tools and proper ramps as the seat bolts are only accessed from under the car and the inner ones are under the heat shield above the Cat.

Also the Clio seats have seat belt pretensioners and seat belt alarm and air bag sensors, so you need to take all this off and the bolts for the pretentioners are really specific so you need a specific tool.

I also put on the K-Tec Racing twin exhaust pipe which im really happy with, although slightly boomy between 3K & 4K revs.

So guys, please let me know who can post them for me as they pretty cool!!!

  Renault Laguna Coupe

Very nice! Can you still get into the back seats?

And wots that orange thing lurking in the garage?


Can just get in the back. No difference from the standard seats there, but you sit lower that really helps with the gear change and peddal control.

The Orange thing??? A 160 Sport that has gone to bed for the winter to hibernate!!!!!

very very nice fella!

have you dropped it at all?

160 sport? is that the elise?

remember me when you need employees!!! LOL!;)


Car is standard height @ the mo.

Ive ordered Speedline Turinis in White on 195*40 R17 on Bridgestone SO3s.

Ill see how the handling changes on these before I think about mucking around with the suspension.

By the way, the CUP offset is 38.5 front and rear!!!


P.S Brembos next!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very nice indeed !!

Are you thinking of offering this as a package for other Clios owners?

Do the seats recline forward? Are these seats lighter than the standard 172 ones? I guess the cup seats are lighter than the std. 172 anyway.


let us know how the new wheels handle, im thinkin of goin one up, but dont wanna add too much weight, kinda defeats the object of havin a light weight car, so will need light ones!

Wow, I love those seats, theyre leather yeah? Where did you source them from? and can they do the blue panels in different colours?

Now thats more like it! The cost cutting interior of the Cup is a bit of a let down, those buckets look very very nice.

Nice scoob too hehe
  320d M Sport

They look really good! Iknow what you mean re seats, I posted something yesterday about the 172 seats, after sitting in the other cars at NEC (mmmm TVR....) they felt awful.

Out of interest which brembos are you going for? Megane ones fit dont they?


Looks good. How do the weight of the Konigs compare to the standard seats? Would you do a fitting service for the right price?


172 CUP, how much are you payin for the sppedlines and where are you sourcin them from? im kinda interested, theyd look the muts nuts!

dont worry i live far away from ya, so wed neva be seen together!!!!LOL!

I can get hold of the speedlines. We are talking to them today & ill find out a cost.

The Konigs are about the same weight as the standard seats.

Ive spoken to David @ K-Tec racing this morning and told him what needs to be done and in which order. I reckon that after doing this set, it would take me about 45 mins to build, take out the old ones and change them, remember, the Konigs come in 3 parts, Seats, Runners and Sub-frame. Also to get the seat belt pretensioners off and all the wiring in one picece (means cutting the bottom of the seat) takes time and the right tools. So hell bae able to fit the seats me thinks. I will not do Renault stuff as a service as Scoobys are my business.

With the Konigs, you can spec the colour and fabric type. Speak to Jason @ Evolution on 01268 750600 and tell him I put you in touch. I know him from the trade so thats how I got to know he imported Konigs.

If you need to know anything,,,, just ask me. If I do not know something I will either defer or put you in touch with someone who can assist. I love my cars and a boy racer @ heart and do not help to get something in return.

Now the new 350TC (I think) TVR,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, I feel a call coming to TVR and a lot of selling to the wife!!!!!!!!!!!!

  320d M Sport

What a nice fella you are! Have a pint on me (imaginary Stella appears).

Cheers, those cars are the nuts by the way, well done.