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Help - Travelling - Few questions!

  SLK 350
Right starting my 6 month trip in little over a week, so I need to buy some new kit to document it all. I have a DSLR, but am NOT taking it, too big, too heavy, and shouts "rob me!".


- I'm looking for a good compact P&S with a decent optical zoom (10x ish), and that takes decent shots with little start-up. Budget, not one really, but £200-£250 to narrow the field. Samsung WB500/Panny TZ26(27) were possible from those I've seen.

- Also, what online service would you guys recommend for uploading my photo's to whilst on the move. I couldn't bare to lose my memory card, so plan to upload them as I go.

Thanks a lot in advance!
  SLK 350
Doing 3 months in South America, 2 weeks in NZ, 1 month in Oz, 2 months doing S.E Asia... can't forking wait, shall pop some piccies/blog on here.

Will check the Panny out, gonna try and haggle a decent price on Tottenham Court road next week.

Any further suggestions?
  Fiat Panda 100hp
I'd take my DSLR if I was you... get some cracking shots. I'd just insure it before going. 50mm - 17-50mm and a small tripod.
  SLK 350
Nah, going proper light mate. Just haven't got the room/inclination to carry it around for 6 months. If I need one I'll buy one out there, but P&S will be first choice.
  SLK 350
Right, had a quick play today with a TZ7.

Big screen.
Video/Pics quality.
Quickish startup.
Zoom during video.
Face detection seemed good.

Proprietary battery, £50. Allegedly poor battery.
The stupidly flimsy mode select wheel.
Mode selector, again.
Button placement, illogical.

Still not entirely sold and tbh if I could get a decently priced TZ5 I'd do that instead. As it is I need to try a Samsung WB500/550.

Can't understand why they'd flaw such a good camera by being anal over chipping the battery and putting a wheel with zero weighting, .5 of a cm next to the shutter release/zoom.

Was this demo one broken, or are they really that bad?
  Mk2 ph1 clio
Not sure on the compact. I have a kodak Easyshare 12mp and its spot on, nice and easy to use.

As for hosting, Flickr + pro upgrade. I use both flickr and photobucket and don't trust photobucket one bit. My files were lost twice.
  SLK 350
Well considered the Samsung WB550, the Sony DSC-H20, the Canon Ixus IS200 and the Lumix TZ7.

TZ7 won, arriving tomorrow from Camerabox, £317 with Samsonite case, spare (official) battery, 8GB SDHC HS, Gorillapod.

Look forward to shooting some HD video, and shall post up a review in a day or two. Hopefully the issues I raised in my earlier post will dissolve once I re-adjust from SLR to P&S.
  Better than yours. C*nt.
Won't get anything now without a proprietary battery - the Ixus ones last forever though! Quality. The Panny does well too - got my boss to get one and he's made up with it.