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Help with jacking points and axel stands

Okay just purchased a trolley jack/stands kit

On a 1997 1.4 where should I place the axel stands? The Haynes manual does not make this clear at all.

I have found the reinforced points to use a trolley jack but dont know where to place the stands. I am gonna have a go at doing my torsion beam so I need to support the rear of the car somewhere. Descriptions would be very helpful

Also when changing the fron suspension units, where do I put the stands?

Thanks for any advice I know I sound thick!
  BMW 320d Sport

yeah I know what you mean the Haynes is a bit stupid like that. The factory jacking points are those cutout slots under the sills. But with a trolley jack I tend to jack it under the joint where the trailing arm comes from at the end of the torsion bar. Not much good if youre adjusting it though. At the front I put the head of the jack under the actual sill but almost at the wheelarch, where the wing comes down. Axle stands I put on the sills very carefully or on that rear suspension point. Im probably wrong in all this , but I have no choice when I work on my car in the street with a 30 degree camber and lowered suspension!