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Here’s my 16v now that I can upload!!!!

  LY 200

Looks a real mint one but i cant say i like the Momo arrows!!!

Are you going to keep them or change them for summin else as i know you recently bought the car with them on???
  WAS a Valver - what next?

Cheers guys!

Does need slamming. Is on the list of jobs.

JayR, I really like the Arrows, I think they suit it. Matter of opinion I suppose!;)

Ryan, its a Scorpian pipe (I understand, Im a biker as well, GSXR!)
  LY 200

Quote: Originally posted by carbon copy on 12 March 2005


lovely example. Although why did you get rid of the CTR? thinking of getting a CTR so it would be intersting to know thats all.

Yes i was wondering that!!!

Have you felt a real power loss since steping down???
  WAS a Valver - what next?

The CTR....

.... was sold last year. I only used it 3 days a week (same now with valver) as we use the family car at all other times. I also had a mint 205 Gti....

.... and we have an 18 month old daughter so a house extension is about to start! Therefore I couldnt justify having 2 cars and it made sence to cash in the CTR to put the money towards the extension. Thats it! Was a very sad day I tell ya!!!!:(

Decided to sell the 205 as well. Then bought a 200sx....

..... which I had for 10 days and sold it again for £500 profit!:D Too much of a cruiser, not enough fun. Was fast though.

Then came the valver....

..... car no. 17 in 13 years of driving!!!!!

CTR is a great car. Ultra reliable, fantastic engine, gearbox and brakes, very quick, loads of grip, very well built and (IMO) looks spot on. Very practical as well. Steering does lack feel around dead center but you soon get used to it. Black is a real pain in the ar*e to keep clean though!
  WAS a Valver - what next?

Certainly do feel the difference in power between CTR and valver. The valver isnt as quick as I thought it would be (little car with nearly 140BHP). Ive had a Saxo VTS (not for long mind, fed up that I could never find it in a car park amongst all the others;)) and it doesnt feel any quicker than that. Have realised over the years though that power isnt everything. Lots of great country roads where I live so a sweet handling car is far more important to me.
  WAS a Valver - what next?

Have only been into Driff a couple of times recently.

Might be in tomorrow night, only to pick up an Indian from Saffron take-away though!

Work in Pocklington so dont need to come that way often.
  WAS a Valver - what next?

Did I say Saffron Indian.....? I meant Kebab shop near Mavericks!!!!;)

Are ther any other Clios around near us? I do know a lad from Driff with a 172 and a lad from Holme on Spalding Moor with one as well.

Ive had the valver for 3 weeks now and have not yet seen another one on the road!


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  Alpina D3, AC Cobra

Theres 2 williams on the estate behind me. 1 Blue valver with morrettes and 2 Whites ones. That all i have seen.

Is the guy with the 172 called something Owen. Has a private plate.
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  WAS a Valver - what next?

Sh*t! Thats 5 plus me & you! I might have to sell up, I prefer a bit more exclusivity!!!!!

Dont fancy the afterburners thanks mate. I prefer the std look.