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here from the pug side

  206 3.0 v6
Hey peeps im Nic from north wales and I don't own a clio and never have ha, here mainly for help and advice as my mates bought a sport so I can use this as further referance so what do I own? well some of you may well no already and if you guess my user name I have a 206 but shes a bit different shes been converted awhile ago into a 3.0 so forth the name 20v6 lol anyway ill post some pics im currently fully rebuilding her new paint work new interior engine goodies and what not ill let the pictures do the talking now :)




comments allways welcome
  inferno 182.
umm?welcome mate!ive only had a 309 gti mi16 so im old hat!!!:D
opinions! engine bay looks tidy but you have a cone filter and the headlights? maybe i dont hang around mcdonalds? maybe just me? interior?my opinion only but looks good what youve done if to your taste! thats what matters!


North Yorkshire & Humber
ClioSport Area Rep
Cone filters aren't the work of the devil on most other sites unlike cliosport!

Looks good mate and must sound awesome!