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Hey, mechanical apprentice newby

Hey everyone!

I am all new to this ive currently got a 02 plate clio 1.2 16v
its my first car and im 18 from Wales butt :),
im also a 2nd year mechanical engineer apprentice so i figured i could help some of you guys out with parts or whatever!

i can balance parts, machine metal, shot blast, fitting jobs etc etc!

i plan on getting a clio 172 when ive finished my apprentiship i'll be 21 then and the insurance shouldn't kill me :p


your proberly right :), i like the range of mod's you could do to a 172 or a 182 mind the f1's are sweet :cool: i'll have a good o'l chat with you guys when it comes to it :).

In the mean time you guys need any help etc with parts fittings machining jobs, anythink if its down my street i'll help as much as poss! :approve:
  Monaco 53/468
hey mate, wonder if you cound fab up something for the ecu bracket that always breaks so easily

Also, a little Jap inspired here and it may have been done before but; Ive seen on EK4 Civics and the like that people make some washer/spacers to lift/tilt the standard rear spoiler, would this be possible on 172's/Dynamique's etc I wonder?

Maybe you could also make some ally footrest plates???

Just a few ideas I thought I'd put to you!
This would be possible :), the footrests would be easy enough just a sheet bit of ally with i could imagen a 60degree bend i could then drill some 35mm holes for grip and some way of mounting it to the floor of course :p.

brackets are easy enough just would need size to work to :p

washers thats simple enough to mate just would need sizes etc and prehaps a example so i can see what you mean.