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hi fokes

  clio 182
hi fokes
just bought myself a 182 clio in raceing blue and im fairly chuffed
:approve: IMG_0437.JPGjust thought id check out the clio scene as apart from my gt turbo ive
no experience of renaults

the clio is a great little car however the suspension is shocking (pardon the pun)
so thats first port of call

Welcome, nice motor! Going to have a wild guess here and say you're from Alva? 99% sure that's where that pic is.
  clio 182
the shocks are standard but the springs ars eibach
according to the seller they were fitted by ktec and there red so i would assume there the sportline kit off the ktec site
car just seems to bounce about abit and is very nervous removed the rear dampers earlier and the n/s one has no resistance
i suspect the standard shocks are dead due to age/not suited to the springs
i feel standard shocks and springs are going to be the way forward for me

anyway heres a pic of my gtSN850511.JPG