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Hi from the Midlands

  Clio1.2, Dodge Caliber
Hi my names Andy and I live in Birmingham.

We currently have two Clio's in the household, mine which is a '51plate 1.5DCi 65 and the wife's '54 plate 1.2. The purchase of which was inspired by the fact my son and his passengers walked away from a serious accident in his 172. :D

I mainly use mine for work purposes, and am pleasantly surprised as to how much I can get in the boot, although I have had a couple of issues with it lately that might be related to this

I also run a Toyota Surf for weekend driving and off road fun
  BMW E92/Audi S3
Welcome. A few of us are from Birmingham. Two of which, in this thread, don't have ClioSports.
  Clio1.2, Dodge Caliber
Cheers for the welcome fella's.

Sorry not responded sooner but have have PC HDD issues that I have finally got sorted.

Membership will be sorted shortly ;)