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Hi newbie here, need advice and some info

hi there,im looking to buy a clio williams very soon (xr2i 16v is just to slow) ive been wanting one for years now, but could someone please highlight any differences in the williams 1,2 and 3 if any? i dont want to spend any more than 5k but ive seen this one on autotrader

its the fifth one down

im thinking of going to look at it,it looks like a good example with reasonable mileage, what do yous think? im going to have to get it from a garage in order to get finance you see.

anyways any info and comments would be much appreciated




  Shiny red R32

They are all a long way from where you live, so if the car you are going to look at isnt very good

it will be a long journey back! Why dont you ask them to e-mail you some digital pictures of inside

and outside so that you can get a good look at it first.


  Audi TT Stronic

I travelled to london to pick mine up.. LOL flew down from edinburgh to get it..

deffinitly worth the trip if you can find a mint car like I did..

Wow another XR2i 16v owner. I used to have one of those - not that many about. Got too slow for me in the end a Williams and then youll see how a car is supposed to go around corners. The XR2i 16v handled like a soppy sack of spuds!
  Was a Clio 1.8 16v

Get a loan and buy off an enthusiast, best bet in my opinion cause most trade cars are bought at auction which can mean they were poorly looked after. Not many Williams owners will trade in for a new car (so id have thought), but obviously this is not always true.

Id look for a willy 2, best one in my opinion.