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HID kit VS Xenon bulbs

  clio 3 05
Hi Newbie here,

As the title, im trying to decide wether i go for the £15 bulbs or the £45 HID`s?

Is there a massive differernce? Any pics of the two would be great!

Thanks in advance :D

(clio mk3 1.4)
  Renault Clio 1.2 16v
if you don't have projector headlights don't get H.I.D bulbs, Ive had Xenon Gas Bulbs and they don't last.. but do look better for a few weeks.


ClioSport Club Member
It'll have a lens for the headlight. A bit like this:
  clio 3 05
Ah yes I do,I just want the White light effect rather than if the bulbs alone can do that great?Pics anyone!?