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Holden HSV

Anyone know how good these cars are?

Ive just been out on a drive on my favourite set of roads in kent and i overtook one just after a chicane style bend (i thought it was a mondeo at first!). He then overtook on the next bit of straight, obviously i didnt bother giving chase. They didnt look as big as i imagined (arent they an M5 rival?) but it looked a bit crude in red with silver spoilers and splitters. An aggressive looking nose though!

F**kin awesome cars! rear wheel drive, 5.7litre all alloy v8 engines! 6 speed gr, 19s as standard! yep m3 rival! Rated by that car show woman who was at brands as soooo much betta than the m3 in fact!

hoooooge power! 355kw! approx 410bhp i think!

Im pretty sure its an M5 rival opposed to the M3 as i cant see it bettering an M3. I know they do an hsv-r as that the 410bhp one or does it get mader than that?!

oh it does better the m3 believe me, the only thing the m3 is better on is the interior!!

altho im talkin bout th HSV VX GTS!!!

What the feck is the VX GTS!

Obviously having a M3 on the drive is going to make me biast but its faster and lighter than the HSV so i cant see it being better, nur nicky nur nur!


yeah holdens are their vauxhalls! but with a few additions!
Nah i love the M3s mate believe me! and yep the one on your drive would affect your views!

Yeah there used as traffic cars, but they are the standard models, v6 3.8, which is nothin out there!
They do use big v85.7 as there Highway patrol cars, and they are chipped too! no gettin away, they need em to be fast when all the other cars they need to catch are stupidly quick ones too!

If i could choose id be stuck, id love the holden for exclusivity but the big v85.7 would kill on petrol!
There are a few m3s about, but i do love em and cant say anythin bad about em sooo grrrr!

The VX is not the most recent model but the 2001-02 model the 2003 model is ugly as b4 that was the VT b4 that the VS and so on!
But dont get me wrong, this isnt just the 5.7l v8 one im talkin about, cos theres a few diff ones, the R8s, clubsport, maloo, grange, SVs, Senators but the GTS and the GTR are the supppppercars! lighter, special gearboxes, all the tech stuff, these are the cars in the v8 supercar races on tele but just put on the road with a few road needy mods!

Well in fairness i can say something bad about the M3, the image and the interior lights too bright, it leaves a white dot in your vision for ages!

Bigmoose - It was read with silver skirts and detailing, i think that was the plate though, it definetly had HSV at the end, i was in se london/kent

Yeah, ive just come back from the same route (im in one of those hyper got to drive fast cos the roads are dry moods). Ive just given corsa a beating of its life my pulling over 3 times and then overtaking him after my favourite corners ha ha! Ill mis slip streaming once i have a car with some power :( but i wont forget the fun you can have with softish suspension and little grip! Yeehaa!!

Dan i think the importer is somewhere near where i was driving so about 20 mins from your work area.

nah i dont work there rob, i work i holborn in town. i live in catford/beckenham way but am always in between the three goin out an all!

meh.. HSVs are a heap of sh*t. All the w**ker types drive em over here... and for starters.. the cops are starting to use WRXs as highway cars because them stupid heavy lump of holdens are way too slow....

After hearing 4 pots buzzing up and down the road, hearing a grumbling V8 sounds wonderful. Had a drive in a mates Commodore SS the other day. Seating position was funny but 400bhp and RWD!!! and the noise. But if you hear a quad cam Legacy at full tilt it can sound just like a V8. Loads go passed the house.

Didnt Tony Loghurst win the ATCC in the early 90s in a M3 against the GTR and V8 Holdens?

Ive just read autoexpress..

I thought i was on about the commadore, which is an M5 rival but what i saw was a monaro. This has 307bhp (pretty poor for a 5.7 V8!) and is quite a bit smaller than the commadore and as Dan said an M3 rival. 0-60 is about 6.5. Autoexpress reckon the 330 bm is better overall as the holdens a bit to big and wallowy though has good grip. Interiors a bit naff too!

They are now being imported with vauxhall badges in limited numbers to gauge public opinion. Theyre 26 grand

Yeah that monaro rob theyre alright cant wait to see em on the road, but i think its just the v6 3.8 versions were gettin, and theyre really not all that! when i say the commodore matches the m3, i didnt mean they are releasin it, they wont bring it out over here, the only ones that are here are on import or bought specially i think. I saw it on top gear gti or one of em shows and the woman presenter was drivin it, she loved it, the V8 GTS SS this is, and she said if bought over here its bought 50 grand a would be the biggest m3 competitor, altho she prefers it to the m3!

I think i remember it being on top gear too. They were quite pleased that it disguised its bulk so well (commadore) and i think in the magazine they would choose it over an M5, not bad for a vauxhall!

A Holden is never going to be a real substitute for an M3 or an M5. Their just completly different types of cars, and driven by completly differnt types of people.

HSV just stands for Holden Special Vehicle, and there are lots of yobs around here who have old Holdens with HSV plastered all over them.

They do have nice big V8s so they sound nice, but the things are pretty big and dont handle so well. Good in a stright line.

I think they lack the style of an M5 and other European cars. Might seem a little more exotic over there where you dont see them as much.