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Just another M3, this time with a V8.


ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
Lol we had those pictures on the wall in the workshop as huge art! Been replaced now though. I tried to get one, but it was too big for my garage! 😂
Haha, I’m not surprised. Bet they look epic on the wall!

Should have just made it work!


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  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
Old flywheel;

New flywheel;

6.1kg without the new bolts.

All fitted up with the new OEM clutch.


First thoughts are it’s absolutely savage, loving the throttle response and frankly can’t think why they aren’t like this from factory!

Heel and toe is taking some getting used to though.. Snetterton on the 1st could be fun.


ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
The standard battery is 26kg?! f**k me!

Cars looking good though mate
Yeah it’s a chunky unit! Got to crank a 4.0 V8. It’s the same size as most 6 pot diesel batteries!
Looks amazing.

Bet it’s brilliant fun (and fast) on track.
thanks for the comments guys. It’s pretty raw on the road now, but it makes it an event to drive. I’ll give feedback on the trackday but I’m hoping the changes are positive..


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  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
Thought I’d give the car a good clean underneath, fit the canards, change the differential oil and test fit the track wheels with new nuts.






Then a bit of a shocker with the new battery.. still troubleshooting as to why it’s happened but I have a good idea.



ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
Alarm/something else draining that battery? Keep it on a trickle charger?
Should be able to last 6-8 weeks without even being ran. It’s the IBS system on the E92 that’s causing the issue.

battery manufacturer has an E92 in for testing over the weekend so hopefully I get an answer. I’ve reverted back to standard battery for Snetterton.


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  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
Snetterton 300

Arrived early ish, weather was forecast as rain up until the night before the trackday so I didn’t think I’d get any use out of the slicks.

Slicks on, Nitrons dialled up well beyond my Nurburgring settings and some testing happened.


Had a great day out with some mates, had a few laps together just having a laugh. The car started to click, I made some further revisions to the damper settings and set some faster laps at 2:10-2:14 quite consistently.


Everyone left early, but with me being only 25 minute drive away - I thought I’d keep going. The last hour on track was absolute bliss, just me, a Radical, AMG GTR Pro and an E46 on track meant I could put in some fast laps and see what it could actually do.


I’d say that’s pretty fast, it was the target time laid down by the guys that setup my car and it’s his fastest time in his rocket ship E46 M3 so it was good to match it.



Time to change the wheels back over and drive home.


Home safe, absolutely zero problems all day. 4 tanks of fuel, plenty of smiles and 15 minutes of all sub 2:10 laps with no traffic at the end. Perfect trackday.


ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182

Halfords wing working well?
Got told off early doors for my GoPro on my helmet, shouldn’t be a problem once the cage is in as it’ll be hardwired in there and vbox are releasing something new soon that looks promising for footage.

Halfords wing and the canards are working perfectly, very happy with them.


ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
Canards actually do anything or is it mainly rear end?

Big difference over GTS?
Have a look at wind tunnel testing on youtube, massive difference I felt. Front end wanted to dart everywhere.

Rear wing made a lot of difference but I also lost 5mph on the back straight when I set it more aggressive. Could possibly shave another secondoff just by reducing the wing angle again as Snett isn’t great for aero.

Does it not rub? It looks like the tyres are basically touching the rear arches lol
Paperthin gap, didn’t rub at all on the back and only on the front when I ran 15mm spacers like I usually do with my Dunlop dz03g’s.


ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
Had to send off the rear dampers back to Nitron for some warranty work, meant the entire rear of the car had to come apart. I decided to take the rear seatbelts out, all sound deadening and any extra bits that I didn’t want.

When I initially fitted the Nitrons I was in a bit of a rush to prepare it for the Nurburgring, so I’ve tidied up the hole I cut (that I didn’t need to cut) with some
Etch primer and some enamel paint.

Out of pure luck/chance.. this arrived perfectly timed.


Wasn’t due for another 2/3 weeks and is the final piece of the puzzle so I’m happy it’s arrived in good time.

Custom built Weicher Motorsport rollcage, made from Chrome alloy and is featherweight.. comes with full TUV certificate just in case I do ever register the car in Germany.


Now I’ve just got to take the front seats out and weld in plates to bolt it to. Happy days.


ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
Rollcage + finishing touches
80% complete.

Rear seat false floor to make from my template. Rear dampers have been messed about by Nitron so they’ve been sent back today to be re done again.






Im happy with the fitment, I’ve put most things back together. Got to try and shoehorn my trims on the rear quarters. Wish I’d gone for some carbon rear doorcards.

Quickly installed my Tilton pedals, rough fit but they’ll be tinkered with again. Just wanted to get used to them.


brand new recaro runners fitted too as I had slight front to back play while they were locked (4/5 year old runners).



seats fully back, I’d say that’s pretty spot on!


Quickly fitted my 6 point Enduro Schroth harness and the clubman 4 point on the passenger side. Really coming together now!


ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
Rear dampers are back from Nitron for the second time, “as new refurbishment” under warranty.


treated them to some anti rust coating and I ceramic coated the springs, taking no chances this time!!

Got time to fit the new undertray that was laser cut by my mate, half the price of the other ones on the market and fits like a glove.

Decided to take it supply hunting. 4 shops later to find something for dinner.. layer of dust from it being sat around for so long on axle stands..



ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182



I really should take more pictures of the front end..

Thought I’d do an oil change on it as it was 6 months ago and 5,000ish miles.


This stuff looks like strawberry sauce.. but it’s made the V8 a lot smoother and I’m not entirely sure it’s a placebo either. Felt less lumpy on idle which is always appreciated.


ClioSport Club Member
If you think that stuff is good maybe try Motul 300V competition. Best oil I’ve ever used or seen perform in any motor.
My 35k mile 400 bhp impreza Motor wasas mint as the day it was built when I stripped it.
Continued to use it in the 600bhp build too and the competition engines I built.

I even put it in that w**k Mini GP I owned 😂


ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
Thought I’d do a small update for any of you still reading this.

The engine bay was cleaned;



Spent a little time tidying the exhaust as well and got a little arty to try and show the curves of the back end

Seeing as I’m a key worker I’ve been making the most of enjoying the drive to and from work..


Despite having a rather large boot, I felt
the shopping needed to be more secure.


Further battery woes..


Trusty Volvo to the rescue

I’ve been in contact with the battery supplier and they’re sending me out an upgraded replacement which weighs 2kg more. Should cope with anything I chuck at it though!

Started to strip down the interior to remove the RTD shifter as I’ve sold it.



ClioSport Club Member
  M3 CS / 1/29 PB 182
While the exhaust was off I decided to tidy the subframe in situ with some Por15 and some cavity wax in the right places.




After a few hours of preparation and some new permanent tattoos on my arms from Por15, this is the outcome. I took my SPL titanium toe arms off to give them a bit of TLC as they haven’t faired particularly well over winter.

New shifter has arrived. I’ve tried to get it fitted this morning but I’m missing a couple of vital parts so it’s on hold for now.



Bought a new intake which has proven +12hp gains.

On the fence about a carbon airbox too..

I have two options.

£2000, British built, carbon top and bottom and internal trumpets - no extra power

£850, German built, carbon top and standard bottom with standard trumpets - 10% increase of intake air.

My thought is, buy the German one as I’ll get intake noise from the carbon, potential power gain and then gold tape the lower part of the plenum to reduce heat soak?



ClioSport Club Member
  Kangoo 172cup
Just caught up with this, epic updates.

I too have had the Por15 tattoo’s. I once painted the underside of one of my cars and it ended up flicking all over my face. Nothing gets it off even cellulose thinner, had to scrub It off with a scouring pad in the end and my colleagues at work thought it was hilarious the day after. I did laugh when the tin said it comes off with time :LOL: