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Hooray hooray hooray hooray

for those of you have read my various posts about the knocking noise under acceleration in my mk1 172 then youll all be releaved to hear, i no longer have the noise and will now shut the f**k up about it

thanks simon172 for your input, my car blokey rang smc woking and spoke to their "172 expert" who has had "loads" of 172s in with the same problem....

and the answer is (for anyone else who has this problem);

Yes, it is the exhaust banging on something due to engine movement but it is not down to any adjustment of the engine mounts as such...

its due to the mount situated under the battery i.e the right hand mount either being loose or broken (in most cases).

If it makes the knocking noise all the time when changing gear, its probably broken, if it just does it when pulling away, its loose....

That particular mount attaches to a bracket which then attaches to the gearbox....

its an arse to get to as getting a spanner to the bottom end of the offending bolt is difficult but we managed it and it was very loose...

tightened it up..

put the battery and airbox back in again.. and no knocking noise anymore....

and the best bit being, i was charged £10 for over an hours work

so thats that ordeal over

Interesting. I get the noise under acceleration. I was a bit suprise to notice today that the left hand engine mounting seems really loose. I can shake the engine around in the bay. I guess thats a bad thing. Better get it checked out!

  CTR EK9 turbo

VR6man - glad you got it sorted. It feels tighter to drive once it is fixed. I keep looking out for 172s around Liphook but have only seen that one parked on the left hand side of the road going towards Passfield.

yes simon, i agree.... it feels a lot better.. and less like im gonna break something everytime i put my foot down !!!

i too have been keeping an eye out for your automobile but also have only seen the one in liphook !!