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Horrific ticking noise when idle and driving.

Sadly my clio is making a horrible ticking noise and I'm really worried.

I made a big mistake as I've been checking my oil every month, however never letting it sit for a bit before checking. This, making me believe I've always had loads of oil.

Any way I was driving down the motorway at 60-70 and when I came off my car was making a terrible ticking noise.

I'm not sure if the two are linked however I've added more oil but the ticking noise is still there.

My clios only done 47k and had a new cambelt 14 months ago.

Someone please put my mind at rest... I feel like my beloved clio is dead.

Thank you



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  clio 172 cup
Lift the bonnet up and try find out exactly where exactly the ticking is coming from, it could be a number of things. Mine was making a terrible ticking noise and it turned out to be the engine lifting eye at the back of the engine had worked itself loose
You can't just add oil without checking the levels because you think it might be low - you need to leave the car standing for a while, so that the oil can drain back into the sump.

Do it in the morning before starting it up and see what the dipstick says, then add oil if necessary.

Have you been checking the oil level immediately after stopping the engine, then adding oil to the Max mark on the dipstick? If so, it's probably overfilled.


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Definitely the above I always check mine on a morning on a level surface before starting altho mine has never used any oil fortunately
Apologies I forgot to mention that I did check the dipstick and filled to just below the max mark.


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Hot engine oil will usually make it's way back down to the sump within 10 minutes. Never really seen much difference in leaving it over 10 minutes and over night, 100ml or so difference maybe. Done a lot of dipstick level testing recently after my bottom end went due to low oil.
Ok took it for a run today and found the engine to be less powerful, almost as if it was about to stall. Then my exhaust gas warning light came on flashing. Are these two linked?

Cheers for all the replies.

Sorry guys I have no idea how to check the spark plugs or how to plug it into a PC. How would I go about checking the plugs?


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  Clio 182
If your not confident best off taking it to a garage.

Otherwise you need a code reader and a multi meter plus various sockets/tools to remove everything.
Loads of tutorials on YouTube.