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How are C172s made

  VW Potato

so, C172s are made by RenaultSport. But what happens? Are the bodies taken from Renualts normal factory and then shipped to RenaultSport to have the engine, interior and the trim fitted by the refugees at Sangatte? What is the process for making a C172 then? Anyone know?



Someone assembles them? I thought they were meant to come in bits for fun-packed self assembly. Mine did... :mad:


yeah with a pritt stick!

I know the cup engines are bench tested..i dont see why renaultsport should have to do all of the other stuff though. It would be expensive to do that for a car under 12k

By the way bloody renault bexleyheath has one cup, for a grand over list, and the cheeky b******s havent fitted the front lip spoiler! I think im gona go to independant garages!
  ICE'dberg MK2 172

I thought it was papier mache

but then I did see them lot on Blue Peter make something like one with a washing up liquid bottle.
  320d M Sport

Theyre made in a different factory than standard Clios. thats all i know, made was specially built at NASA........
  172 Cup, V6 255, Williams

They are made in a similar way to the 206 in that indian advert, except they use a hippo for the fine tweaking of the body lines instead of the elephant.


Wow - that was really informative! Thanks guys, I really feel like I learnt something today.

Scud asked a genuine question which really interests some people. If you dont know the answer, just say so or dont post anything rather than posting bulls**t .
  Renault Laguna Coupe

They are made in a factory in Dieppe, along with Megane Cabriolets, Clio Cup Racers and other low volume cars. Not really a dedicated Renaultsport factory, but this is the place where they made all the famous high-performance Renaults like the Alpine and the Gordinis.

The factory is pretty low-tech - nothing like the ones that (e.g.) Honda and Nissan are building in this country today. This may account for some of the build quality issues that we see in 172s.

If you are in the area you can arrange to visit the factory - theres a little museum housing some of the cars that have been made there over the years, and tours of the assembly facilities can be arranged.

That could be a good trip

smileysport..dont take things so seriously, it wasnt a life or death question and he got the answer in the end!
  VW Potato

i dont mind the banter in between - you always get the answer at the end and with jokes thrown in for free! :)

So Mike, I assume the body is made on a normal Clio production line and then shipped to this place for the engine/trim to be added etc?

One more question (might be a daft one, mind) are the engines hand built? Actually, Id like to find out a bit more about the engine. Is it a Laguna block, or is the block that used to be in the Clio 16vs? Where can I find the history and tech details for the unit? Too many questions, I know, sorry, but Im curious about these cars roots.

Cheers chaps


dunno, the dieppe factory is TINY!!!

and when we get a shipment of 60 units, i dint know how they can make 60 for us and god knows how may hundreds for the rest of the world......i havea feelig that they are just normally assembled ina factory.

But i will ask my S.E Asia area manager about the truth........the Dieppe factory doesnt even have email!!!!

:oops: Err - yeah sorry all - blue monday and all that. Oops - its tueday!

I just got mad cos I saw a post I was really interested in and 10 replies down the page there was still no answer.

:D jeez...paddy, can you forgive me? Pleeeeeeeeeze.